Did I survive a 2 day (mainly) juice fast?

18 08 2014

Saturday night, after eating 4 delicious enchiladas, I decided I needed a juice fast. I’ve been having some weird tummy issues, something I haven’t had in months, my diet was very wacky, and I was feeling off.

I’ve tried a juice fast twice, and I’ve failed both times. I have no will power, and I like to chew. I was determined it would be different this time.

Sunday started with coffee (I’m not giving up coffee, sorry), and an Alternative Fuel Smoothie from Whole Foods-I drank it while I shopped.

I had two juices at work, a little salsa and chips and some nuts (remember the will power thing, salsa is practically juice!) And LOTS of water.

IMG_1638.JPG(the jalapeño had a little kick)

I had a salad for dinner, I couldn’t eat the whole thing-too much GREEN. I drank half a bottle of Enlighten-hemp milk-it was good. I wish it was warm, it’s creamy, and ALMOST Starbucks-like. Before bed, I had a cup of herb tea. I was needing something warm, the juices are cold, and I was chilly all day (often the case with juice fasts).

Monday started with coffee as well. Then I hit the ground running with juice. I’m surprised I could drink kale, celery, spinach, fennel, apple, pear juice at 730am, but it went down pretty smooth.

I was worried about the Fennel, but I didn’t taste it at all. A few more juices at work. Everyone is intrigued by my weird juices, no one asked to try one!

I ate solid food for lunch (we had a free lunch). I was hungry , but could have skipped eating if it wasn’t there. I finished the day with juice, lemon water and the rest of the Enlighten ( it was yummy again).

I picked Daily Greens for my fast, all of the juices are green…none are super fruity. I really needed the green-ness. They are based in Austin, Tx, and portion of sales is donated to young women battling breast cancer.

Overall, I feel fine after the fast. I wasn’t ever so ravenous that I had to:

But I was hungry.

Bloating is a common complaint during juice fasts, and boy am I bloated. The reason behind the bloating is quite lovely. Lemon water is supposed to help, I didn’t notice it helping. Yoga can help with bloating, so I gave it a try as well.

I had some GI distress, there is no need to go into detail, it’s goes hand in hand with the bloating.

I peed SO much.

I didn’t notice any weight change, but with the bloat, I’m not surprised.

I had some dizziness, mainly if I stood up fast. This isn’t uncommon for me, but it happened quite a lot on Monday. I think my body was telling me I need more calories.

I’m happy that I nearly survived a full juice fast or I survived a mainly juice fast. 2 days was a long time without (much) food. Even though I didn’t eat, I am loaded up on nutrients. Looking at the nutrition facts makes you want to drink juice forever. This is from one of the juices, Harmony:

I really love juicing , but it’s sooooo messy at home and very expensive to buy. I was lucky that Daily Greens was on sale at whole foods.

While I’m thrilled I did this, I’m also excited to get back to eating. I really like food, and chewing, and saying masticate!

Please note: A juice fast isn’t for everyone. Please don’t jump into a juice fast without careful consideration of your health conditions. I did not exercise (except for yoga in my bedroom) while fasting. I’m not pregnant or breast feeding, I have no heart, blood pressure, kidney , liver, blood clotting, etc. issues. I feel great, but everyone has different results.



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