Let’s talk training Thursday: essential Gear

9 10 2014

We talked about training gear, but today we are talking racing gear. It’s often similar, but not the same!

1-SPI belt

It’s a perfect place to wear my number, and it hold my fuel. It took some adjusting to get it where I like it (pouch on hip, buckle in front of other hip).

2-GPS of some sort. I use either my a Garmin or Run Keeper.

3-Music-I know races have tons of entertainment, and often discourage headphone use. But I listen with one ear only. I always run with only one headphone in, I need to hear traffic, of the gym child care page, or race noise. I have a few playlists, and I’m working on the perfect playlist for Richmond!

4-Fuel-I’m still sticking with salted caramel Gu. It hasn’t let me down yet.

5-clothes-so obviously you have to wear clothes to run (although, there’s is an undie run 5k) but I feel like race day is a good day for an extra special outfit. Sometimes just a new top, but
something that makes you feel good! BUT, I do give it a test run (or buy a top I already have in a new color!)

6-Sun glasses/Chapstick/headband: all things I use training as well, can’t run without them!

7-Positive attitude! I’ve trained, I can do it, so let’s GO!



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