Panic mode

1 10 2014

I’m getting panicy about my marathon. I’m stressed about getting all my training runs in, I don’t want to push too hard, but I need to get my milage up, and fast.

September was an awesome month of activity, but not great in the running department. It looks like I’ll be running 17 miles this weekend. I know 20 miles is the magic training number for marathons, but right now I’m counting on 17. If this run goes (good or bad as long as I get it done) I’ll have more confidence.

I’m breaking in my new shoes

I want the nice and comfy on race day. I’ve put several miles on them so far, and they seem to be good.

45 days til Richmond.




4 responses

2 10 2014
Sarah M.

Be careful lady! You definitely have time for a 17 and a 20 miler but it’s best not to try to cram in extra workouts towards the end.
Good luck on your 17 this weekend and I love those shoes!

2 10 2014

Thanks, I’m stressed that I haven’t trained enough. 😦

16 10 2014

You have totally trained enough! It’s so great that it’s your first marathon – you don’t need to worry about time, just enjoy the experience. Richmond is a great run, you’ll love it! It’s hard not to stress, but it’s more important to enjoy the ride…or run:)

29 10 2014

Finishing will be a PR!

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