Less than 5 weeks-training recap

14 10 2014

My marathon is 32 days away. Wow, it’s so close. I’ve been doing a lot of tweaking on my training. It’s easy to write out a perfect schedule for several months, but real life always adds obstacles.

My 15 mile run went well, I finished it, and was still able to walk. But I was sore for several days. I wanted to run 16 the next weekend, but between not sleeping well, thunderstorms, feeling achy, and having really bad burps(tmi?), I ran 4. I was really sore and achy after just 4 miles, so I got new shoes. I’m bad about logging my mileage with shoes. Then I worked, so no long run.

My 17 mile run was successful, in the fact that I completed it. It was not a pain free run, but honestly I ran from one side of town to the other AND back. I don’t that is supposed to feel great. I foam rolled, and tried to refuel. Eating after running is hard, it takes a while for my stomach to want food…..then it’s:

I had a sports/deep tissue massage the following day, and finally felt recovered about 5 days later. Long runs are hard on my body.

This weekend I ran 6 miles on the treadmill, it’s been very rainy, and I don’t have time for slipping on wet pavement. I ran 8×800, I hate 800s and I love 800s. They are tough, but also make the miles go by! I had time to run long, but I think it would have been too much. Training is supposed to be hard, but it’s not supposed to cause injuries. I need recovery time between long distances. I know others can run back to back, but I can’t, I’m learning to listen to my body (it can be pretty loud)!

Unfortunately, I work this weekend, so I won’t be able to get a long run in. Marathon training would be much easier to manage if it was my job! It can be very overwhelming to juggle kids/family, work and running.

I’ve got a fun LONG, LONG run planned in 2 weekends, I haven’t settled on an exact distance, but it will be my last before race day. Then, I want to really give my body a chance to heal.

I’ve heard that marathon training will make you gain weight. I was hoping this wasn’t true, but if you are planning on training for a marathon I have one piece of advice:
Is it that I’m eating more calories than I’m burning, that I’ve gained so much muscle, or my cortisol levels are extra high because of the physical stress of training? I don’t know the answer.

I am excited to Run Richmond, but I will be happy when it’s over. There are some other marathons I want to run, but I don’t see the name of the blog changing to Marathon Mama anytime soon.

Let’s talk training Thursday: essential Gear

9 10 2014

We talked about training gear, but today we are talking racing gear. It’s often similar, but not the same!

1-SPI belt

It’s a perfect place to wear my number, and it hold my fuel. It took some adjusting to get it where I like it (pouch on hip, buckle in front of other hip).

2-GPS of some sort. I use either my a Garmin or Run Keeper.

3-Music-I know races have tons of entertainment, and often discourage headphone use. But I listen with one ear only. I always run with only one headphone in, I need to hear traffic, of the gym child care page, or race noise. I have a few playlists, and I’m working on the perfect playlist for Richmond!

4-Fuel-I’m still sticking with salted caramel Gu. It hasn’t let me down yet.

5-clothes-so obviously you have to wear clothes to run (although, there’s is an undie run 5k) but I feel like race day is a good day for an extra special outfit. Sometimes just a new top, but
something that makes you feel good! BUT, I do give it a test run (or buy a top I already have in a new color!)

6-Sun glasses/Chapstick/headband: all things I use training as well, can’t run without them!

7-Positive attitude! I’ve trained, I can do it, so let’s GO!

Panic mode

1 10 2014

I’m getting panicy about my marathon. I’m stressed about getting all my training runs in, I don’t want to push too hard, but I need to get my milage up, and fast.

September was an awesome month of activity, but not great in the running department. It looks like I’ll be running 17 miles this weekend. I know 20 miles is the magic training number for marathons, but right now I’m counting on 17. If this run goes (good or bad as long as I get it done) I’ll have more confidence.

I’m breaking in my new shoes

I want the nice and comfy on race day. I’ve put several miles on them so far, and they seem to be good.

45 days til Richmond.

Dumbo Double Dare

31 08 2014

I came

I saw

I conquered


Recap after I sleep!

Did I survive a 2 day (mainly) juice fast?

18 08 2014

Saturday night, after eating 4 delicious enchiladas, I decided I needed a juice fast. I’ve been having some weird tummy issues, something I haven’t had in months, my diet was very wacky, and I was feeling off.

I’ve tried a juice fast twice, and I’ve failed both times. I have no will power, and I like to chew. I was determined it would be different this time.

Sunday started with coffee (I’m not giving up coffee, sorry), and an Alternative Fuel Smoothie from Whole Foods-I drank it while I shopped.

I had two juices at work, a little salsa and chips and some nuts (remember the will power thing, salsa is practically juice!) And LOTS of water.

IMG_1638.JPG(the jalapeño had a little kick)

I had a salad for dinner, I couldn’t eat the whole thing-too much GREEN. I drank half a bottle of Enlighten-hemp milk-it was good. I wish it was warm, it’s creamy, and ALMOST Starbucks-like. Before bed, I had a cup of herb tea. I was needing something warm, the juices are cold, and I was chilly all day (often the case with juice fasts).

Monday started with coffee as well. Then I hit the ground running with juice. I’m surprised I could drink kale, celery, spinach, fennel, apple, pear juice at 730am, but it went down pretty smooth.

I was worried about the Fennel, but I didn’t taste it at all. A few more juices at work. Everyone is intrigued by my weird juices, no one asked to try one!

I ate solid food for lunch (we had a free lunch). I was hungry , but could have skipped eating if it wasn’t there. I finished the day with juice, lemon water and the rest of the Enlighten ( it was yummy again).

I picked Daily Greens for my fast, all of the juices are green…none are super fruity. I really needed the green-ness. They are based in Austin, Tx, and portion of sales is donated to young women battling breast cancer.

Overall, I feel fine after the fast. I wasn’t ever so ravenous that I had to:

But I was hungry.

Bloating is a common complaint during juice fasts, and boy am I bloated. The reason behind the bloating is quite lovely. Lemon water is supposed to help, I didn’t notice it helping. Yoga can help with bloating, so I gave it a try as well.

I had some GI distress, there is no need to go into detail, it’s goes hand in hand with the bloating.

I peed SO much.

I didn’t notice any weight change, but with the bloat, I’m not surprised.

I had some dizziness, mainly if I stood up fast. This isn’t uncommon for me, but it happened quite a lot on Monday. I think my body was telling me I need more calories.

I’m happy that I nearly survived a full juice fast or I survived a mainly juice fast. 2 days was a long time without (much) food. Even though I didn’t eat, I am loaded up on nutrients. Looking at the nutrition facts makes you want to drink juice forever. This is from one of the juices, Harmony:

I really love juicing , but it’s sooooo messy at home and very expensive to buy. I was lucky that Daily Greens was on sale at whole foods.

While I’m thrilled I did this, I’m also excited to get back to eating. I really like food, and chewing, and saying masticate!

Please note: A juice fast isn’t for everyone. Please don’t jump into a juice fast without careful consideration of your health conditions. I did not exercise (except for yoga in my bedroom) while fasting. I’m not pregnant or breast feeding, I have no heart, blood pressure, kidney , liver, blood clotting, etc. issues. I feel great, but everyone has different results.

Training Thursday: goals

14 08 2014

On the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, I’ll be linking up with: Cassandra, Montana, and Julie for Training Thursday!

There’s only a few more months in the year, I’ve already run 2 half marathons, and a 25k, so what’s left ?? My goals for the rest of 2014:

1-Run Dumbo’s Double Dare

A) in 3 hrs 20 min-ULTIMATE goal
B) in 3hrs 30 min-pretty realistic
C) in 3hrs 45 min-I’d be happy
D) finish-must do!

2) Run Richmond Marathon

I just want to finish, preferably in 5 hrs or less, but really just want to cross the finish line.

3-Tulsa Run 15k

Goal time 1hr 30min
Plan to PR

4-cross train. All kinds, all the time! I’d really like to start swimming, but I don’t have a lap appropriate swim suit, and I really don’t want to find one. I’m a two piece kinda girl.

5-eat healthy, but not beat myself up over indulging. I’m not calling it cheating, that’s a step in the right direction. Sometimes a girl needs some bread pudding.

6-Yoga. I haven’t been going to yoga as much as I should. I’m making it my priority at the gym.

7-Sleep. Getting enough sleep is just as important as nutrition and training, and I’ve been lacking in the good sleep department.

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Marathon Training Recovery

22 07 2014

Recovering after a long training run is hard, there is not much time to rest and let the muscles rebuild/repair. During training there is a lot of fatigue, soreness, and not much rest! The accumulative fatigue is actually helpful for training. Google “accumulated fatigue running” and you will find articles discussing this!

Even though it is good to go into a run a little tired, it’s still best to help your body heal as much as possible.

1. Refuel -Everything I’ve read says to refuel with in 30-45 minutes. For me, this is nearly impossible. I can sometimes get a little fruit in my tummy, but anything else makes me nauseas. Once my stomach settles, I eat a big breakfast. Eggs and sausage have been my go to the past few weeks.

2-Hydrate-it’s hard to drink enough during a run to replenish everything you are losing. I run with water/Gatorade mix, but the bottle is only ~16oz, and I don’t like it completely filled. I’m incredibly thirsty the day I run, there’s not enough fluids to keep me happy. I drink water and Gatorade ALL.DAY.LONG.

3-StretchI aim to finish my run about 1/4+ miles away from home/car. That way I can walk and cool down. I stretch my calves, hamstrings, and quads. Nothing major, just a little stretch after miles of using those muscles. I stretch later in the day as well. I honestly don’t foam roll the day of. It’s just too painful!

4-Compressionsocks, sleeves, tights, whatever you got, wear it. It feels good and really helps!

5-Epsom salt
I really don’t know how or why Epsom salt works, but it does! I like getting scented kinds because it’s more relaxing.

Training Log (7/14-7/20)
Tuesday-3.5 miles
Friday-3.0 miles
Saturday-13.1 miles

20140722-111407-40447551.jpgmy fastest half by 1 second! And it was HILLY.