Let’s talk training Thursday: essential Gear

9 10 2014

We talked about training gear, but today we are talking racing gear. It’s often similar, but not the same!

1-SPI belt

It’s a perfect place to wear my number, and it hold my fuel. It took some adjusting to get it where I like it (pouch on hip, buckle in front of other hip).

2-GPS of some sort. I use either my a Garmin or Run Keeper.

3-Music-I know races have tons of entertainment, and often discourage headphone use. But I listen with one ear only. I always run with only one headphone in, I need to hear traffic, of the gym child care page, or race noise. I have a few playlists, and I’m working on the perfect playlist for Richmond!

4-Fuel-I’m still sticking with salted caramel Gu. It hasn’t let me down yet.

5-clothes-so obviously you have to wear clothes to run (although, there’s is an undie run 5k) but I feel like race day is a good day for an extra special outfit. Sometimes just a new top, but
something that makes you feel good! BUT, I do give it a test run (or buy a top I already have in a new color!)

6-Sun glasses/Chapstick/headband: all things I use training as well, can’t run without them!

7-Positive attitude! I’ve trained, I can do it, so let’s GO!

Let’s talk training Thursday: Racecation Tips

25 09 2014

I think the is a perfect topic for me. I like to travel for races. We have a lot of good races at home, from 5k to ultra and EVERYTHING in between. I think 2015 will be the year of races around home, because I’ve run all over the place this year!

Disney is an easy Racecation, the races are well organized, and there’s plenty to do and eat all around. However, it’s probably one of the most expensive (if we are just talking about staying in the US). Between registration, air fare, accommodations, and park passes, you’ve spent a fortune. Disney does offer several price points for resorts, and we are lucky to be vacation club members, so our hotel is covered, but it’s still pricey.


Packing is tricky. We fly Southwest a lot, so we each get 2 free bags. I’m bad and usually check my running clothes. This is a no no because if your bags are lost, you can’t run. I hope for the best! I pack for all weather, forecasts are often wrong! I don’t bring fleece lined pants for a race in August, but in April in Oklahoma I would. I like to get cheap sweats from Walmart, keeps you warm before the race, and it’s no problem to toss them once you get started (I do this traveling or not).

I like to bring my race day food from home. Bananas are hard to pack, so I bring applesauce, and hope to make it to a store.

Even if you are not running in Disney, it’s easy to make it a family trip. My kids enjoy swimming at the hotel, playing with bubbles, frisbees, jump ropes, etc at the race. And honestly getting some family time at the hotel. We have less distractions, because we are all in one room!

Electronics can help too!

Training Thursday:training essentials

11 09 2014

What do I need for training? MOTIVATION! Sometimes I need it more than anything. It’s fun to race, but long, solo training runs can get BORING. I can usually use my next race as motivation. Having a training/accountability partner is very helpful in training, knowing that someone is waiting for you is good motivation.

FOOD! Training makes me hungry. Having good snacks on hand in helpful, especially at work. I honestly go to work with a full grocery bag. Fruit, veggies, yogurt, nuts, and my main meal. I love Chobani flips.

Nutty for ‘nana is my top pick.

WATER! All day, everyday. It’s boring. I mix in Gatorade too. While running I use a Nathan Handheld bottle. I still getting used to it, but I like having water with me, and the pouch holds my phone and Gu. I refill the bottle mid-run, it’s 22oz, on a hot, humid, long run, it’s not enough.

GU! Salted caramel is the only kind I like.

CUTE CLOTHES! I know it sounds silly, but I like like cute running clothes. Swirlgear and lululemon are my favorite.

SLEEP! So important during training. I aim for 8 hours a night.

MUSIC! I often sing while running. I have a great Spotify playlist, and a back up iTunes playlist. I couldn’t train without my music.

BONDI BAND! The only headband that works for me. I use the sweat wicking, they are not as fun as the pattern ones, but I think they work better.


Training Thursday: Favorite workouts

4 09 2014

So I’m a week late. I have a million reasons why, but let’s get down to business!

This week we are talking about our favorite workouts.

I LOVE yoga. Hot vinyasa is one of my favorites. I love sweating, stretching, then relaxing. I can tell a difference in my runs when I do yoga. I’ve made it my goal to get at least 1 yoga class in a week.

I saw a chart recently, that I can’t find again, that compared resting heart rate, per curved stress level, and other things, that I can’t remember, of runners, yogis, and non-yogi/runners. Yogis and runners had similar results!

There are several kinds of yoga, I like faster paced classes, but a slow stretching class is also beneficial.


New link up….starts Thursday

10 08 2014

On the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, I’ll be linking up with: Cassandra, Montana, and Julie for Let’s talk Training Thursday!

If you want to join, this weeks topic is-Goals for the rest of the year!