Less than 5 weeks-training recap

14 10 2014

My marathon is 32 days away. Wow, it’s so close. I’ve been doing a lot of tweaking on my training. It’s easy to write out a perfect schedule for several months, but real life always adds obstacles.

My 15 mile run went well, I finished it, and was still able to walk. But I was sore for several days. I wanted to run 16 the next weekend, but between not sleeping well, thunderstorms, feeling achy, and having really bad burps(tmi?), I ran 4. I was really sore and achy after just 4 miles, so I got new shoes. I’m bad about logging my mileage with shoes. Then I worked, so no long run.

My 17 mile run was successful, in the fact that I completed it. It was not a pain free run, but honestly I ran from one side of town to the other AND back. I don’t that is supposed to feel great. I foam rolled, and tried to refuel. Eating after running is hard, it takes a while for my stomach to want food…..then it’s:

I had a sports/deep tissue massage the following day, and finally felt recovered about 5 days later. Long runs are hard on my body.

This weekend I ran 6 miles on the treadmill, it’s been very rainy, and I don’t have time for slipping on wet pavement. I ran 8×800, I hate 800s and I love 800s. They are tough, but also make the miles go by! I had time to run long, but I think it would have been too much. Training is supposed to be hard, but it’s not supposed to cause injuries. I need recovery time between long distances. I know others can run back to back, but I can’t, I’m learning to listen to my body (it can be pretty loud)!

Unfortunately, I work this weekend, so I won’t be able to get a long run in. Marathon training would be much easier to manage if it was my job! It can be very overwhelming to juggle kids/family, work and running.

I’ve got a fun LONG, LONG run planned in 2 weekends, I haven’t settled on an exact distance, but it will be my last before race day. Then, I want to really give my body a chance to heal.

I’ve heard that marathon training will make you gain weight. I was hoping this wasn’t true, but if you are planning on training for a marathon I have one piece of advice:
Is it that I’m eating more calories than I’m burning, that I’ve gained so much muscle, or my cortisol levels are extra high because of the physical stress of training? I don’t know the answer.

I am excited to Run Richmond, but I will be happy when it’s over. There are some other marathons I want to run, but I don’t see the name of the blog changing to Marathon Mama anytime soon.



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