Wonder Mom Wednesday

20 08 2014

I’m excited for this New link up! This weeks topic: Healthy Habits for back to school (edit:I thought the topic was healthy habits, turns out it’s just back to school in general! Healthy habits works for me :)) We are not officially back in school-one.more.day.of.summer. But we have been getting ready: school supplied are ready, new sneaker have been broken in, back to school hair has been cut!

Meet the teacher!

I’ve tried to set a healthy example for my kids, I include them in exercise, we eat healthy meals. Getting back in a good routine for school can be tricky, I haven’t packed a lunch in months, and we need to make time for homework and exercise.

1-Grocery Shopping:
Load up on fruit and veggies! I usually pack 2 fruits at lunch. Both kids will eat all kinds of fruit. They like the squeeze applesauces. I always have those on hand for snacking and lunches. I aim to make 2 veggies at dinner. I know the kids will eat fruit at lunch, but I like to watch them eat their veggies! I do wish I was better at meal naming and weekly food prep, I’m still working on it.

2-Plan your week in advance. We are lucky with a 1st grader and a preschooler, we don’t have lots of homework, and it’s not every night. I plan Parker’s activities, my workouts, and homework on the weekend. I don’t like being stuck needing to go to soccer and finishing homework on Thursday night!

3-Be realistic. Kids like treats, it’s crazy to think they will eat healthy all the time. I try to do my part, but I’m fine with pizza lunch on Friday!

I was excited to see Parker’s teacher had a snack sign up sheet, and a list of healthy snacks 🙂




3 responses

20 08 2014
Amanda Remlinger (@Momwhotris)

Your son is adorable. I like your tip about planning your week in advance! Best of luck this week and thanks for joining the link-up. I look forward to following your blog.

20 08 2014

Thanks, I think he is pretty cute! Thanks for the link up, it will be fun.

20 08 2014

Great tips! I do enjoy grocery shopping with my kids (most of the time) so they can pick out the fruits and snacks they like. Also so I can help them to understand which foods are healthy and which ones aren’t.

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