Friday Five

15 08 2014

I’m linking up with You signed up for what, Eat, pray, run DC, and Mar on the Run for Friday Five. Today is free for all Friday.

5 things about my trip to DisneyLand for Dumbos Double Dare:


1-Long Taper: I’m in taper mode, but my race is 2 weeks away. I’m working this weekend, and will be in Louisville for our next Ironman adventure next weekend, and I work everyday that I’m in town. I’m going to try to get a few short runs and a few yoga classes in. I think I need a good rest period, it’s just scary…I don’t want to lose what I’ve worked hard to get.

2-Costumes-Maleficent and Princess Leia are looking good. I’m still working on a belt for Leia, and I don’t know how/if I will have horns for Maleficent.


3-Water-I’ve been guzzling it. I know the race is still too far away to be hydrating, but it’s been warm and I’ve been sweating. I’m keeping myself healthy! Too much work has been put into training.

4-Spectators-with a 2 hour time change, and a potentially slower time, my awesome cheerleaders are planning on heading out to the finish line. This is nearly impossible in DisneyWorld! (I know from trying it myself)


5-Packing-I need to start! Too much going on: school starts, work, ironman, DisneyLand.



6 responses

15 08 2014

How exciting! I’ve never run a Disney race before but would love to. They look like they’re a blast.

15 08 2014

I had fun at my last disney race, I’m sure this one will be fun too!

15 08 2014

How exciting!!! I have never been to Disneyland but we are signed up for The Pixie Dust Challenge for next year we are looking forward to.

15 08 2014
Marnie @ SuperSmartMama

I had to go look up the Disney Dumbo Double Dare and it sounds like fun! Races at Disney are just the best — where else can you dress up for your run?!

15 08 2014
Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner

How fun sounds like a blast and it’s always nice to have your family at the finish!

17 08 2014

That doesn’t seem too far away!! I want to do a few other runDisney races, but you have to spread them out (IMO) it gets really expensive!

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