Are you ready for summer training?

18 06 2014

The humidity is here, the heat is here, and in Saturday we can officially say SUMMER IS HERE! I love summer, and sun, and all things hot!

BUT summer training, you know the super early morning runs, the buckets of sweat, the weird tan lines…I don’t love those.

I’ve been looking through books, websites, my work schedule…
trying to get a training schedule in place for both Dumbos Double Dare in August and Route 66 in November.

It’s exhausting just thinking about running 20 miles for training. I using some of the principles from Run Less Run Faster and Jeff Galloway to perfect my schedule. I’m thinking either 20 or 22 miles will be my longest training run!

Are you ready for the hot , Hot, HOT training this summer?




One response

18 06 2014
Mary Long

I give you credit and major props to endure summer training! I ran 2.6 miles at 5:30PM in 85* and humid weather. I was so hot I felt like my skin was melting! LOL Good luck with your training runs. I sure it will be great!

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