Galloway Method Monday-What has Galloway done for me?

16 06 2014

It is Monday, so it’s time to link up with Powered by Bling, Pretty ‘lil Mudder, and Shorty Runs for more talk about the Galloway Method!


Janet Jackson asked, “what have you done for me lately?” So today we are talking about what the run-walk-run method has done for us.

I am still new to following the run-walk methods, so I don’t have a lot to talk about (but this topic was my idea!) I don’t have an examples of how I have improved my time. BUT I have gotten through some mentally tough training run by running a mile/10 minutes and walking 1 minute. Breaking up a long run seems to help me.

I have officially started marathon training, I know that I will need to use Galloway to get through all 26.2 miles. I plan on running my short runs, doing some speed work, maybe hills, but my long runs, even when they aren’t really long, will be run-walk intervals.

I ran 5 miles, 10:1 run:walk, my first few miles were at a 10min/mile pace, but then I started picking up the run pace.

I relaxed by the pool after!

Earlier in the week I pushed pretty hard through 4 miles. I kept all the miles under 10 minutes (and really kicked it at the end-8 min pace!


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3 responses

17 06 2014

Wow! 10:1…that’s a great magic mile ratio. I can’t wait to see how your intervals change and how using intervals helps in your marathon training.

22 06 2014

10:1 isn’t based on magic mile, it’s just what feels comfortable. My magic mile ratio is 4:1

17 06 2014

I’m new to the Galloway method too! Good luck on your marathon training!

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