Runners envy

10 01 2014

I’m reading so many updates about the WDW Marathon weekend on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Instagram and I am jealous. With the exception of the year Parker was born and the year I was pregnant with Ella (so the 2008 and 2012 races) we have been every year for the past 8 years. Morgan has run the marathon, the half marathon and he did the Goofy Challenge once. I signed up to run the 5k in 2010, but anyone that was there in 2010 knows it was cold and raining then sleeting, that year. I choose to sleep! It’s always a great trip, and we have so many great memories.

Truth be told, I wanted to run the inaugural Minnie 10k this year, but it sold out so fast.

I’m living vicariously through all the pictures, but I’m actually happy I not there. If I had been able to register for the 10K, I’m not sure I would have run a half marathon. I wouldn’t have signed up for the Princess half, I wouldn’t have started training as hard as I did, and I wouldn’t be in bed working on my Rapunzel tutu. I would be finished with my race, and content.

A 10K is an awesome distance, long enough to feel accomplished, short enough to be finished in an hour or so. You are mildly sore after, but don’t need much time to recover. I’ve only run 1 half marathon, but I REALLY loved it. It is a challenge!

In honor of the WDW Marathon weekend I’m going to wear red and black on my training run tomorrow. A little shout out to Minnie and Mickey. Good luck to everyone participating in the races this weekend…see ya in February, Disney!





2 responses

10 01 2014

I’m so envious too!

10 01 2014

It looks so fun!!

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