6 weeks out

12 01 2014

Clad in cold weather black pants, a “keep calm and run on” tank, a red long sleeved running shirt, ear warmers and white gloves. I channeled all the runDisney energy I could to tackle an 11mile training run. There was ice on my drive way…this did not bode well. LUCKILY, that was the only slick spot I encountered.

I ran the first 3 miles in under 28 minutes, then I picked up a running buddy for the remaining 8. It was chilly in the beginning, but the sun was warm! My left hip started feeling tight around mile 7-8. We had a drink break at 8.25, so I stretched. We have a “no stopping after mile 10” rule (we know we can’t start again!) but at 9.94 miles, stopping and stretching is OK! Finished the last mile with no problem.

A 10:16 overall pace is pretty good!

I feel good today, I wore compression tights for a few hours, them switched to sleeves. My quads are sore, but not bad. I took an Epsom salt bath today, I’m not sure if it helped, but it didn’t hurt. It’s currently nap time, so I’m letting my body rest.

I only have 2 long runs left (according to the official Jeff Galloway plan). I have no doubts about finishing the race, I just want it to get here!

Costume post coming soon, and discussion on what the run with…




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