Training Thursday:training essentials

11 09 2014

What do I need for training? MOTIVATION! Sometimes I need it more than anything. It’s fun to race, but long, solo training runs can get BORING. I can usually use my next race as motivation. Having a training/accountability partner is very helpful in training, knowing that someone is waiting for you is good motivation.

FOOD! Training makes me hungry. Having good snacks on hand in helpful, especially at work. I honestly go to work with a full grocery bag. Fruit, veggies, yogurt, nuts, and my main meal. I love Chobani flips.

Nutty for ‘nana is my top pick.

WATER! All day, everyday. It’s boring. I mix in Gatorade too. While running I use a Nathan Handheld bottle. I still getting used to it, but I like having water with me, and the pouch holds my phone and Gu. I refill the bottle mid-run, it’s 22oz, on a hot, humid, long run, it’s not enough.

GU! Salted caramel is the only kind I like.

CUTE CLOTHES! I know it sounds silly, but I like like cute running clothes. Swirlgear and lululemon are my favorite.

SLEEP! So important during training. I aim for 8 hours a night.

MUSIC! I often sing while running. I have a great Spotify playlist, and a back up iTunes playlist. I couldn’t train without my music.

BONDI BAND! The only headband that works for me. I use the sweat wicking, they are not as fun as the pattern ones, but I think they work better.


Training Thursday: Favorite workouts

4 09 2014

So I’m a week late. I have a million reasons why, but let’s get down to business!

This week we are talking about our favorite workouts.

I LOVE yoga. Hot vinyasa is one of my favorites. I love sweating, stretching, then relaxing. I can tell a difference in my runs when I do yoga. I’ve made it my goal to get at least 1 yoga class in a week.

I saw a chart recently, that I can’t find again, that compared resting heart rate, per curved stress level, and other things, that I can’t remember, of runners, yogis, and non-yogi/runners. Yogis and runners had similar results!

There are several kinds of yoga, I like faster paced classes, but a slow stretching class is also beneficial.


Dumbo Double Dare

31 08 2014

I came

I saw

I conquered


Recap after I sleep!

Wonder Mom Wednesday

20 08 2014

I’m excited for this New link up! This weeks topic: Healthy Habits for back to school (edit:I thought the topic was healthy habits, turns out it’s just back to school in general! Healthy habits works for me :)) We are not officially back in But we have been getting ready: school supplied are ready, new sneaker have been broken in, back to school hair has been cut!

Meet the teacher!

I’ve tried to set a healthy example for my kids, I include them in exercise, we eat healthy meals. Getting back in a good routine for school can be tricky, I haven’t packed a lunch in months, and we need to make time for homework and exercise.

1-Grocery Shopping:
Load up on fruit and veggies! I usually pack 2 fruits at lunch. Both kids will eat all kinds of fruit. They like the squeeze applesauces. I always have those on hand for snacking and lunches. I aim to make 2 veggies at dinner. I know the kids will eat fruit at lunch, but I like to watch them eat their veggies! I do wish I was better at meal naming and weekly food prep, I’m still working on it.

2-Plan your week in advance. We are lucky with a 1st grader and a preschooler, we don’t have lots of homework, and it’s not every night. I plan Parker’s activities, my workouts, and homework on the weekend. I don’t like being stuck needing to go to soccer and finishing homework on Thursday night!

3-Be realistic. Kids like treats, it’s crazy to think they will eat healthy all the time. I try to do my part, but I’m fine with pizza lunch on Friday!

I was excited to see Parker’s teacher had a snack sign up sheet, and a list of healthy snacks 🙂

Did I survive a 2 day (mainly) juice fast?

18 08 2014

Saturday night, after eating 4 delicious enchiladas, I decided I needed a juice fast. I’ve been having some weird tummy issues, something I haven’t had in months, my diet was very wacky, and I was feeling off.

I’ve tried a juice fast twice, and I’ve failed both times. I have no will power, and I like to chew. I was determined it would be different this time.

Sunday started with coffee (I’m not giving up coffee, sorry), and an Alternative Fuel Smoothie from Whole Foods-I drank it while I shopped.

I had two juices at work, a little salsa and chips and some nuts (remember the will power thing, salsa is practically juice!) And LOTS of water.

IMG_1638.JPG(the jalapeño had a little kick)

I had a salad for dinner, I couldn’t eat the whole thing-too much GREEN. I drank half a bottle of Enlighten-hemp milk-it was good. I wish it was warm, it’s creamy, and ALMOST Starbucks-like. Before bed, I had a cup of herb tea. I was needing something warm, the juices are cold, and I was chilly all day (often the case with juice fasts).

Monday started with coffee as well. Then I hit the ground running with juice. I’m surprised I could drink kale, celery, spinach, fennel, apple, pear juice at 730am, but it went down pretty smooth.

I was worried about the Fennel, but I didn’t taste it at all. A few more juices at work. Everyone is intrigued by my weird juices, no one asked to try one!

I ate solid food for lunch (we had a free lunch). I was hungry , but could have skipped eating if it wasn’t there. I finished the day with juice, lemon water and the rest of the Enlighten ( it was yummy again).

I picked Daily Greens for my fast, all of the juices are green…none are super fruity. I really needed the green-ness. They are based in Austin, Tx, and portion of sales is donated to young women battling breast cancer.

Overall, I feel fine after the fast. I wasn’t ever so ravenous that I had to:

But I was hungry.

Bloating is a common complaint during juice fasts, and boy am I bloated. The reason behind the bloating is quite lovely. Lemon water is supposed to help, I didn’t notice it helping. Yoga can help with bloating, so I gave it a try as well.

I had some GI distress, there is no need to go into detail, it’s goes hand in hand with the bloating.

I peed SO much.

I didn’t notice any weight change, but with the bloat, I’m not surprised.

I had some dizziness, mainly if I stood up fast. This isn’t uncommon for me, but it happened quite a lot on Monday. I think my body was telling me I need more calories.

I’m happy that I nearly survived a full juice fast or I survived a mainly juice fast. 2 days was a long time without (much) food. Even though I didn’t eat, I am loaded up on nutrients. Looking at the nutrition facts makes you want to drink juice forever. This is from one of the juices, Harmony:

I really love juicing , but it’s sooooo messy at home and very expensive to buy. I was lucky that Daily Greens was on sale at whole foods.

While I’m thrilled I did this, I’m also excited to get back to eating. I really like food, and chewing, and saying masticate!

Please note: A juice fast isn’t for everyone. Please don’t jump into a juice fast without careful consideration of your health conditions. I did not exercise (except for yoga in my bedroom) while fasting. I’m not pregnant or breast feeding, I have no heart, blood pressure, kidney , liver, blood clotting, etc. issues. I feel great, but everyone has different results.

Friday Five

15 08 2014

I’m linking up with You signed up for what, Eat, pray, run DC, and Mar on the Run for Friday Five. Today is free for all Friday.

5 things about my trip to DisneyLand for Dumbos Double Dare:


1-Long Taper: I’m in taper mode, but my race is 2 weeks away. I’m working this weekend, and will be in Louisville for our next Ironman adventure next weekend, and I work everyday that I’m in town. I’m going to try to get a few short runs and a few yoga classes in. I think I need a good rest period, it’s just scary…I don’t want to lose what I’ve worked hard to get.

2-Costumes-Maleficent and Princess Leia are looking good. I’m still working on a belt for Leia, and I don’t know how/if I will have horns for Maleficent.


3-Water-I’ve been guzzling it. I know the race is still too far away to be hydrating, but it’s been warm and I’ve been sweating. I’m keeping myself healthy! Too much work has been put into training.

4-Spectators-with a 2 hour time change, and a potentially slower time, my awesome cheerleaders are planning on heading out to the finish line. This is nearly impossible in DisneyWorld! (I know from trying it myself)


5-Packing-I need to start! Too much going on: school starts, work, ironman, DisneyLand.

Changing the plan

14 08 2014

I worked out training schedule for DisneyLand and Richmond. I’ve made a few tweeks already, mainly because of weather. An 11mile run turned into 13.1 miles and a 14mile run was changed to 10. I think I’ve trained the best I could for DisneyLand.

Now I’m looking at September, and I think I was being overly ambitious! I need to rework September and October.

First, I need to have a little recovery period after running 19.3 miles in 2 days.

Second, I’m running a max of 20 miles for training, but maybe only 18. Still undecided.

Third, am I really doing this?