Let’s talk training: Lessons learned

13 11 2014

I’ll be up front, my mind is very focused on the Richmond Marathon. This will be mine on Saturday afternoon.

I have learned a lot the year.

-I require a lot of recovery for runs longer than 14 or 15 miles. I don’t bounce back from on LONG run fast, I’ve listened to my body and took time to heal before I run again.

-Marathon training=weight gain. It happens, and you just have to deal with it. It’s not a good time to diet.

-Half marathons are awesome.

-Glucosamine is a lifesaver. My knees are super achy without it.

-Sleep is very necessary, without it I can’t keep running.

-Running in different time zones is hard, but if you west, stay in your timezone and race day wake up call won’t be so hard!

What lessons have you learned?

20 miles #richmondready

28 10 2014

20 miles is the “it” number for marathon training. I guess another 10k is supposed to be simple? I’m not sold on the fact that I can do it, but I did run 20 miles, and it took me under 4 hours to do it (3hrs 48min 51sec to be exact) !

It’s taken me a while to embrace a slower pace, and I’m by no means speedy. I like to keep a 10min/mile pace, but I can’t keep that pace for a marathon. For the first 16 miles I was pretty close to 11:15min/mile, but after 16.5 I slowed down, and walked more. I wish I had time for one more LONG run, but the race is less than 3 weeks away, and I’d like fully recovered legs over one more run.

On top of recovering from 20 miles, I’m trying to recover from a weird bug bite.

This was Saturday (bite happened Tuesday) it looks much better now. Hopefully a few more days of antibiotics and I’ll being good shape.

Now it’s time to taper, I want to keep my 2 short runs during the week and a longer run on the weekends, race week I’ll take it super easy. I think I’m #richmondready

Training Talk Thursday: running woes

23 10 2014

It’s training talk Thursday again (and again I’m late with my post).

We are talking about training and racing woes, and I don’t have many. I think we all have aches and pains during training, but that’s really my biggest complaint.

I think nearly all distances runners experience GI discomfort at some point. I know what foods will make it worse, so I avoid those before long runs.

I haven’t run into many obstacles on race day, hopefully that stays the same in a few weeks! I try to stay calm on race day, there’s no need to panic at the start line.

Weather is uncontrollable. If it’s a training day, I’ll move my run inside. But on race day, you just deal with it. Freezing, thunderstorms, humidity, it’s all fair game on race day.

Wonder Mom Wednesday

20 08 2014

I’m excited for this New link up! This weeks topic: Healthy Habits for back to school (edit:I thought the topic was healthy habits, turns out it’s just back to school in general! Healthy habits works for me :)) We are not officially back in school-one.more.day.of.summer. But we have been getting ready: school supplied are ready, new sneaker have been broken in, back to school hair has been cut!

Meet the teacher!

I’ve tried to set a healthy example for my kids, I include them in exercise, we eat healthy meals. Getting back in a good routine for school can be tricky, I haven’t packed a lunch in months, and we need to make time for homework and exercise.

1-Grocery Shopping:
Load up on fruit and veggies! I usually pack 2 fruits at lunch. Both kids will eat all kinds of fruit. They like the squeeze applesauces. I always have those on hand for snacking and lunches. I aim to make 2 veggies at dinner. I know the kids will eat fruit at lunch, but I like to watch them eat their veggies! I do wish I was better at meal naming and weekly food prep, I’m still working on it.

2-Plan your week in advance. We are lucky with a 1st grader and a preschooler, we don’t have lots of homework, and it’s not every night. I plan Parker’s activities, my workouts, and homework on the weekend. I don’t like being stuck needing to go to soccer and finishing homework on Thursday night!

3-Be realistic. Kids like treats, it’s crazy to think they will eat healthy all the time. I try to do my part, but I’m fine with pizza lunch on Friday!

I was excited to see Parker’s teacher had a snack sign up sheet, and a list of healthy snacks 🙂

Friday Five

15 08 2014

I’m linking up with You signed up for what, Eat, pray, run DC, and Mar on the Run for Friday Five. Today is free for all Friday.

5 things about my trip to DisneyLand for Dumbos Double Dare:


1-Long Taper: I’m in taper mode, but my race is 2 weeks away. I’m working this weekend, and will be in Louisville for our next Ironman adventure next weekend, and I work everyday that I’m in town. I’m going to try to get a few short runs and a few yoga classes in. I think I need a good rest period, it’s just scary…I don’t want to lose what I’ve worked hard to get.

2-Costumes-Maleficent and Princess Leia are looking good. I’m still working on a belt for Leia, and I don’t know how/if I will have horns for Maleficent.


3-Water-I’ve been guzzling it. I know the race is still too far away to be hydrating, but it’s been warm and I’ve been sweating. I’m keeping myself healthy! Too much work has been put into training.

4-Spectators-with a 2 hour time change, and a potentially slower time, my awesome cheerleaders are planning on heading out to the finish line. This is nearly impossible in DisneyWorld! (I know from trying it myself)


5-Packing-I need to start! Too much going on: school starts, work, ironman, DisneyLand.

Friday Five: Favorite Race memories

8 08 2014

I’m linking up with You signed up for what, Eat, pray, run DC, and Mar on the Run for Friday Five. I love today’s topic: Favorite Race Memories!


1-Misery Loves Company

2013 Rt 66 Half Marathon. It was 22 degrees, there Is nothing fun about 2 hrs and 18 minutes of freezing. Our shirts were a hit.

2-Finishing in 22 degrees

VICTORY! It might have been miserable, but finishing my first half was awesome.

3-Running through the castle

runDisney is pretty magical. 3 more weeks until I do it again…on the other coast!

4-finishing my first trail run, and longest distance.

IMG_1252.JPGa couple tumbles, a hurt ankle, and it was worth it.

5-Watching someone you love become IRONMAN

IMG_1556.JPGit was a long day, but so cool! 2 more weeks, and it’s happening again.

Bad runs suck

4 08 2014

I hate when doing great with training, then I have a crummy run. It is such a buzz kill.

This weekends 14 miler was less than ideal. My legs were so tired:

Tuesday: 3.35 miles, track workout: 2×1200 and 4×600
Wednesday: Barbell strength, I pushed hard on squats and lunges.
Thursday: 14 hour shift on my feet
Friday: worked a short shift
Saturday:4 miles with both kids (one in stroller, one on scooter)
Sunday: 14 miles

This weekend I will run 5 and 14. I don’t think I’m ready for 15! I feel remarkably good today, but I took it REALLY easy yesterday after my run.

I’m determined not to let a bad run make me feel like a worthless run. 🙂