Let’s talk training Thursday: Racecation Tips

25 09 2014

I think the is a perfect topic for me. I like to travel for races. We have a lot of good races at home, from 5k to ultra and EVERYTHING in between. I think 2015 will be the year of races around home, because I’ve run all over the place this year!

Disney is an easy Racecation, the races are well organized, and there’s plenty to do and eat all around. However, it’s probably one of the most expensive (if we are just talking about staying in the US). Between registration, air fare, accommodations, and park passes, you’ve spent a fortune. Disney does offer several price points for resorts, and we are lucky to be vacation club members, so our hotel is covered, but it’s still pricey.


Packing is tricky. We fly Southwest a lot, so we each get 2 free bags. I’m bad and usually check my running clothes. This is a no no because if your bags are lost, you can’t run. I hope for the best! I pack for all weather, forecasts are often wrong! I don’t bring fleece lined pants for a race in August, but in April in Oklahoma I would. I like to get cheap sweats from Walmart, keeps you warm before the race, and it’s no problem to toss them once you get started (I do this traveling or not).

I like to bring my race day food from home. Bananas are hard to pack, so I bring applesauce, and hope to make it to a store.

Even if you are not running in Disney, it’s easy to make it a family trip. My kids enjoy swimming at the hotel, playing with bubbles, frisbees, jump ropes, etc at the race. And honestly getting some family time at the hotel. We have less distractions, because we are all in one room!

Electronics can help too!

Dumbo Double Dare

31 08 2014

I came

I saw

I conquered


Recap after I sleep!

3 day to 100k-Sundays 25k recap

19 05 2014

This weekend a 3-day stages race was held in Oklahoma. Friday night was a 25k (paved running trail) Saturday 50k (trail) and Sunday 25k (trail). You could participate in 1, 2 or 3 days of the event.

25K was a big enough challenge for me! I originally registered to run Friday night, on the paved running trail. I figured the distance would be a challenge, but at least it would be paved….however, due to a work event, I changed to Sunday. Morgan ran the race to, and he was not looking forward to the trail.

This was a very small race, less than 100 people! No expo, no corrals, no timing chip-just runners outside on a fabulous May weekend.

Sundays portion was held at Walnut Creek State Park, which is at Lake a Keystone. It was about an hour from home, which made eating before difficult for me. I ate a Lara bar (and coffee) when I got up, and brought another bar and applesauce with me. It worked well!

The course was a bit short, 14 miles, 2 7 mile loops, which were run forward and back-in the woods. Trail running is FUN! I had to much to look at, like where I was stepping, what branch was going to hit me in the head, wild flowers, a lake, cows, I missed the deers-the were 7 crossing the trail! Since I’ve never run a trail race, I can’t compare it to anything.

There were 2 fully stocked aid stations, which you hit out and back. Gatorade, and water and all kinda of snacks! I don’t normally eat check mix on a run, but I thought it sounded good.

I saw Morgan after he turned around, he was in second place when we passed each other. It was fun to see him and talk for a second. He was enjoying the race, which made me happy. I was enjoying the trails, but I wasn’t sure he was going to like it.

I was much slower than normal. My over all pace was 12 min/mile. I really had to watch my footing, and there were some steep climbs/descents. Not hills, but going into what would be a creek, if there was water.

I totally bit it at about mile 6. The was a root sticking up, it was marked, and I saw it, and I didn’t trip on it. I tripped on the flat ground, and I rolled! Luckily I was by myself, no one needed to see me do that. I wasn’t hurt, just a little dirty.

At mile 12, I rolled my ankle. It was bad. I heard something pop, could have been a stick, but I was in pain. I stood around for a few minutes, decided I was ok, and started walking. After about 5 minutes, I felt better, so I ran again. My legs were pretty wobbly by then, so I would run as fast and as far as I could, then walk for a little bit. I was surprised that my ankle felt fine for the rest of the race.

I finished in 2 hours and 49 minutes (although I think it might be a few minutes long). This was the hardest race/run I’ve done. I really earned my medal, but I had a great time.



I had a little buddy run with me at the end!


The after race snacks were awesome-homemade Indian tacos. I had never had one before, I’ve wanted to try one for the longest time. It was so yummy, and I was really hungry. We stayed for a while after we had finished, watching other runners come in. It was a great atmosphere.

I’ve been icing my ankle, I think it’s a minor sprain. I’m going to take some time off running to let it heal.

No race recap is complete without a picture of food. We made Barnyard Burgers for dinner.

And a beer!