Panic mode

1 10 2014

I’m getting panicy about my marathon. I’m stressed about getting all my training runs in, I don’t want to push too hard, but I need to get my milage up, and fast.

September was an awesome month of activity, but not great in the running department. It looks like I’ll be running 17 miles this weekend. I know 20 miles is the magic training number for marathons, but right now I’m counting on 17. If this run goes (good or bad as long as I get it done) I’ll have more confidence.

I’m breaking in my new shoes

I want the nice and comfy on race day. I’ve put several miles on them so far, and they seem to be good.

45 days til Richmond.

Good run, good race, good day

5 07 2013

July 4, 2013 was a great day. We had so much fun doing nothing! We got up for the Firecracker 5k and found beautiful running weather. Had breakfast after and lounged by the pool for the rest the day.

My run was great, my new shoes felt good, it was a great temperature, and I had enough energy to finish strong…my chip time was just under 33 minutes (I had no goals, but that was a nice time).

Here’s to more good runs and races!



My achy breaky foot

26 04 2011

Anyone remember this summer when I was dealing with a foot issue?

My cuboid was acting silly, and I took SEVERAL weeks off.  This was one of the main reasons why I didn’t run the Route 66 half marathon.

Guess what has resurfaced?  Yep.  My foot is feeling achy, like at any moment I will feel like I have a grapefruit for a foot (I know, it sounds weird, but that is how it feels).  I am wearing my magic shoes…addidas sandals, very old, not very stylish, but really the only thing that works.  It is hard to plan an outfit around navy blue slip on sandals, but I am trying to make it work.  I want to run this race…I have to run this race.  I am starting the relay.  So I am going to baby my foot all week and hopefully everything will work out!

Training has officially begun again

7 09 2010

I am working towards the Tulsa Run (15K) and if there are still spots open for the Disney Half Marathon in a few weeks I will sign up.  I am hesitant to sign up right now, I want to get a few more miles under my belt before I drop $140 for a race.

Saturday I ran 5 miles, and felt good.  I might have been able to go further, but my dad was watching Parker, I told him 1 hour, he was going for a bike ride when I was finished, and I was back at their house.  The weather was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and I didn’t get started until about 9am!  I think it was about 60 degrees when I left, and couldn’t have been much warmer when I was finished.  I plan on running 6 miles this weekend.

My new shoes are feeling good, they are heavier than my last pair, and that takes some getting used too!


Debbie Downer…please leave my blog

10 08 2010

Man-I was Mrs. Debbie Downer, and I am sorry.  I hate being injured.  This is my first injury that has really kept me from doing what I want to do.

In case you were wondering where the cuboid bone is!

When I danced, I sprained my ankle and that sucked, but I was able to dance again pretty quickly…without pain.  This silly cuboid bone is driving me batty.

Some weird facts about my injury:
-My really old Adidas sandals do not hurt my foot, therefore they are the shoes I wear as much as possible
-My foot holds up for about 3 miles, then it feels very swollen, and painful (by feels swollen…I think everyone knows how a swollen joint feels when you move it, this is what my foot feels like, however there is really not much swelling on the outside?)
-Ice and advil can get my foot feeling better is a few days!

Luckily I am pain-free when I do non-impact cardio activities such as swimming and cycling (the elliptical would not hurt either, but I despise the elliptical). My plan is to swim and cycle for a while, really let me foot heal and then try running again. I am going to tryout my new running shoes this week, see how things go, and if I am hurting quickly I will not keep them. I probably won’t run for at least a month, maybe longer?

My new shoes…Asics 2150

The lady fitting me apparently knew I liked PINK…pretty much every shoes she brought out was very pink!

Along with cardio I will really be focusing on strength training.   
And now to answer a question the fabulous Brooke asked…
What’s been your favorite race or running trail thus far?
-I haven’t run many races…I think paying money to run 3 miles is silly.  And a 5K is not that HUGE of an accomplishment.  Anyone can get out a walk 3 miles, it is not that far.  I do like the Tulsa Run, it is so popular and packed, and you see tons of people. 
I also like running on the River.  I have run North from the 96th St Park (least favorite), North from 41st (LIKED a lot…I put my feet in the splash park when I was finished), Run both North and South from Veteran’s park,  I really don’t like the trail on the west side of the river.  Tulsa has a ton of great trails!