Dumbo Double Dare

31 08 2014

I came

I saw

I conquered


Recap after I sleep!

Training Thursday: goals

14 08 2014

On the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, I’ll be linking up with: Cassandra, Montana, and Julie for Training Thursday!

There’s only a few more months in the year, I’ve already run 2 half marathons, and a 25k, so what’s left ?? My goals for the rest of 2014:

1-Run Dumbo’s Double Dare

A) in 3 hrs 20 min-ULTIMATE goal
B) in 3hrs 30 min-pretty realistic
C) in 3hrs 45 min-I’d be happy
D) finish-must do!

2) Run Richmond Marathon

I just want to finish, preferably in 5 hrs or less, but really just want to cross the finish line.

3-Tulsa Run 15k

Goal time 1hr 30min
Plan to PR

4-cross train. All kinds, all the time! I’d really like to start swimming, but I don’t have a lap appropriate swim suit, and I really don’t want to find one. I’m a two piece kinda girl.

5-eat healthy, but not beat myself up over indulging. I’m not calling it cheating, that’s a step in the right direction. Sometimes a girl needs some bread pudding.

6-Yoga. I haven’t been going to yoga as much as I should. I’m making it my priority at the gym.

7-Sleep. Getting enough sleep is just as important as nutrition and training, and I’ve been lacking in the good sleep department.

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The start of back to back runs

21 06 2014

This weekend begins running 2 days in a row. I’m not a streaker, not a run everydayer, I need my rest! So running 2 days in a row is new to me, but that’s what I signed up for, so I’ve gotta practice!

This morning I ran 1 mile (that was weird too, I didn’t want to stop) with Ella, and 2 Minnie Mouses (Minnie Mice?) in the stroller. And tomorrow I’ll run 7 miles. I’m still recovering from some intense squats on Wednesday, so it felt good to loosen up my legs today, hopefully they feel good tomorrow.

The humidity is still bad, the air is THICK. I need to use my inhaler before I run, otherwise I’m struggling out there. Im still happy it’s summer, I love spending the day in the pool!

So, since we are talking about another Disney race, let’s talk about costumes. I’m thinking Maleficent for the 10k.

I saw the new movie, and I’m in love with her. I don’t know who I want to be for the half: Princess Leia, Padme, Marie from Aristocats, Mrs. Incredible…

So tired

27 04 2014

I’m exhausted. I’ll do a race recap later. The weather was in true Oklahoma form today, and that is adding to my tiredness!

I’ve got a lot to write about, and a lot coming up:

-Training for Dumbo starts this week.

A few short runs, I think I will rest instead!

-My 25k is 3 weeks away.

-I have 5.1 miles left to run for 83 miles from 3/1 until my birthday 5/4

-another giveaway is coming up

But for now, good night.

Disney Princess Half Marathon

25 02 2014

We talked about PR or character stops, costumes, mantras, early wake up calls and traveling with 2 kids…now it’s time to talk about the race!!!!!!!


I made sure I had all my things ready before going to bed.

We woke up at 3, I had the coffee pot ready to go, so with the flip of a switch one of my rituals was under way. There was no way I’d make it without coffee! I ate an uber bar and a banana, drank a cup of coffee and got dressed. Then grabbed a Lara bar, more coffee (in a fruit loops container) and we were off to catch the monorail at 345a.

We ran into some other Princesses, but not many Princes. Morgan commented that it was the best smelling race start EVER, he also said he would never do this race again. I saw a lot of make-up and nicely fixed hair…I don’t run in make-up (maybe mascara) and my hair is always up, with a head band.

There are several staging areas, we started out together, but had to split for corrals. It was VERY humid, I drank a few cups of water before getting in my corral, and ended up losing my “front-of-corral” spot because I needed to use the porta-potty.


Fireworks started each corral, so everyone felt special as they crossed the start line.

Although, I was pushed by a lady who was “in coral A” but missed her start. No one around me really cared for her. If you miss your corral, don’t push people to get ahead of them. Also, don’t lie about your proof of time. It’s not cool, and if you do, don’t loudly talk about it as you are getting passed.

Anyways, I didn’t wear a watch, didn’t use run keeper, I just ran…and calculated my time at each mile marker. I started about 18 minutes after the race actually started. As long as I was on the 8s at each mile I felt good.

First character stop was at mile 2. The line was at least 15 people, I kept running. I took a selfie as I entered Magic Kingdom.

Can you tell how sweaty I am? This was before mile 3 (I think), it was very foggy/misty/humid. I got water, poweraid or both at almost every stop. I broke a rule, I tried something new on race day. I ate 1/2 a pack of Cliff blocks at mile 4, 8 and 11. The extra energy was awesome!!!! I do need to look at water stops and plan my fuel better. There was water at ~7 and 9. So at 8, I was needing water to help with my chews and there was none.






Magic Kingdom was awesome! The crowd on Main Street was so energizing. And running through the castle was fun. A runDisney official took one of my pictures and commented on the amount of kinesiology tape I was wearing. Dude, it’s my crutch and totally mental. It’s time to wean off of it, but not on race day! (And honestly, I was wearing less that normal!)

I stopped for two characters who had no lines.


Then I left Magic Kingdom, I was doing pretty good on time, I felt awesome, so I put my phone away and “Let it go” (that was the mile 7 song, which was about the same time I made the important decision…PR)

Entering Epcot, I felt phenomenal. The mile 12 marker put a huge smile on my face. I asked someone what her time was, and what corral she was in. She started in D and her time was 2:14. I really pushed through the last mile. There was NO wall, I knew the finish was close, I had energy, and I didn’t hurt.

I finished in 2:17:25, nearly 1min faster than my first half. I am so happy!

After getting my medal, goodie bag, picture, etc. I tried to find Morgan, luckily we think alike and found each other in about 30 seconds.

The race was great. With 24,000 runners it wasn’t super crowded. And Morgan finished 37th OVERALL.

My first runDisney event, to participate in, did not disappoint!


My mantra(s)

19 02 2014

Got get my head in the game. Gotta have positive affirmations. Race day is approaching, I’m undecided on how much time I’m willing to sacrifice for photo-ops…I’ve got a new PR goal, but not sure this is the race to go for it. I found these on Pinterest, and they shall be my mantras on Sunday (probably tomorrow, too, as traveling with children is very exciting)




And if all else fails


It’s taper time

13 02 2014

The Disney Princess Half Marathon is 10 days away! Therefor it’s time to rest/taper. It seems that a lot of runners hate to taper before a race.20140212-215139.jpg20140212-215148.jpg20140212-215154.jpg
I found all of those in Pinterest!

So, why do we hate the taper?
-We use running as stress reliever
-We use running for “me” time
-We are afraid we will gain weight (I read this somewhere, I’m not buying this)
-Our legs feel restless
-We miss outside
-we have REALLY cute running clothes
-we don’t sleep as we’ll without running
-exercise releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy! (Please don’t shoot anyone during your taper)


We need the taper. You want fresh, fully recovered legs on race day. Tapering and carb loading go together well.

I’m using my taper to take care of aches and pains (got a massage yesterday!), load up on healthy foods (lots of smoothies to up my carbs), stretch, foam roll and do yoga! I’ll probably squeeze in one more short run before we leave, just to remind my body that I do RUN. I’ll get plenty of walking at the park to keep my legs moving.

Tapering doesn’t me NO running, but runs should be shorter, and no speed work. Just steady pace, relaxed running. You don’t want to injure yourself with in dats of the race!

So, princesses….