Let’s talk training Thursday: Racecation Tips

25 09 2014

I think the is a perfect topic for me. I like to travel for races. We have a lot of good races at home, from 5k to ultra and EVERYTHING in between. I think 2015 will be the year of races around home, because I’ve run all over the place this year!

Disney is an easy Racecation, the races are well organized, and there’s plenty to do and eat all around. However, it’s probably one of the most expensive (if we are just talking about staying in the US). Between registration, air fare, accommodations, and park passes, you’ve spent a fortune. Disney does offer several price points for resorts, and we are lucky to be vacation club members, so our hotel is covered, but it’s still pricey.


Packing is tricky. We fly Southwest a lot, so we each get 2 free bags. I’m bad and usually check my running clothes. This is a no no because if your bags are lost, you can’t run. I hope for the best! I pack for all weather, forecasts are often wrong! I don’t bring fleece lined pants for a race in August, but in April in Oklahoma I would. I like to get cheap sweats from Walmart, keeps you warm before the race, and it’s no problem to toss them once you get started (I do this traveling or not).

I like to bring my race day food from home. Bananas are hard to pack, so I bring applesauce, and hope to make it to a store.

Even if you are not running in Disney, it’s easy to make it a family trip. My kids enjoy swimming at the hotel, playing with bubbles, frisbees, jump ropes, etc at the race. And honestly getting some family time at the hotel. We have less distractions, because we are all in one room!

Electronics can help too!



2 responses

25 09 2014
Montana Ross (@LaZgirlruns)

I love Disney! I’m going next weekend for my second ‘racecation’ and first Disney trip! Can’t wait- I hear the expo and race will be AMAZING!!

26 09 2014
Sarah M.

We said the same thing about racing closer to home in 2015. We are looking at the full at the Garmin Marathon in Kansas in April. We traveled a little more in 2014 than my savings account would like! 🙂

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