Training Thursday:training essentials

11 09 2014

What do I need for training? MOTIVATION! Sometimes I need it more than anything. It’s fun to race, but long, solo training runs can get BORING. I can usually use my next race as motivation. Having a training/accountability partner is very helpful in training, knowing that someone is waiting for you is good motivation.

FOOD! Training makes me hungry. Having good snacks on hand in helpful, especially at work. I honestly go to work with a full grocery bag. Fruit, veggies, yogurt, nuts, and my main meal. I love Chobani flips.

Nutty for ‘nana is my top pick.

WATER! All day, everyday. It’s boring. I mix in Gatorade too. While running I use a Nathan Handheld bottle. I still getting used to it, but I like having water with me, and the pouch holds my phone and Gu. I refill the bottle mid-run, it’s 22oz, on a hot, humid, long run, it’s not enough.

GU! Salted caramel is the only kind I like.

CUTE CLOTHES! I know it sounds silly, but I like like cute running clothes. Swirlgear and lululemon are my favorite.

SLEEP! So important during training. I aim for 8 hours a night.

MUSIC! I often sing while running. I have a great Spotify playlist, and a back up iTunes playlist. I couldn’t train without my music.

BONDI BAND! The only headband that works for me. I use the sweat wicking, they are not as fun as the pattern ones, but I think they work better.




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