Training Thursday: goals

14 08 2014

On the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, I’ll be linking up with: Cassandra, Montana, and Julie for Training Thursday!

There’s only a few more months in the year, I’ve already run 2 half marathons, and a 25k, so what’s left ?? My goals for the rest of 2014:

1-Run Dumbo’s Double Dare

A) in 3 hrs 20 min-ULTIMATE goal
B) in 3hrs 30 min-pretty realistic
C) in 3hrs 45 min-I’d be happy
D) finish-must do!

2) Run Richmond Marathon

I just want to finish, preferably in 5 hrs or less, but really just want to cross the finish line.

3-Tulsa Run 15k

Goal time 1hr 30min
Plan to PR

4-cross train. All kinds, all the time! I’d really like to start swimming, but I don’t have a lap appropriate swim suit, and I really don’t want to find one. I’m a two piece kinda girl.

5-eat healthy, but not beat myself up over indulging. I’m not calling it cheating, that’s a step in the right direction. Sometimes a girl needs some bread pudding.

6-Yoga. I haven’t been going to yoga as much as I should. I’m making it my priority at the gym.

7-Sleep. Getting enough sleep is just as important as nutrition and training, and I’ve been lacking in the good sleep department.

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6 responses

14 08 2014

Good goals! All seem pretty realistic and great ones to accomplish! I like that you added sleep as a goal. I can definitely tell when I haven’t gotten enough sleep and my training shows it.

14 08 2014

I love sleep, but I tend to stay up too late reading. I’ve got to cut that out.

14 08 2014

Great goals! I need to buckle down on yoga, but it’s difficult for me finding the time between all my training for October races. And wow on those time goals! Good luck doing Dumbo Double Dare…is that the one in Orlando or California?

14 08 2014

DDD is in California! I think yoga really helps my running, I can usually get 3 miles in before class, so it’s a double workout 🙂

15 08 2014
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Wow! Those are great goals! Good luck with the Dumbo Dare! We’ll be sending our energy stores your way!

16 08 2014

Good luck on your goals! I need to work on the sleeping part (I fall asleep everywhere :[ ), and I love your bread pudding comment. 😛 So very true!

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