Airing my dirty laundry…food prep

1 08 2014

Oh how I want to prep my fruits, veggies, healthy meals, etc., on the weekend. But it never happens. It’s so true, if to fail to plan you will fail. This week was a horribly perfect example. I cooked dinner the 2 nights I was home at dinner, but we either a) ate everything or b) it was a flop, and totally not left over-able. I had no options for packing lunch or dinner. I ate a whole bag of chez mix at 9pm Thursday, it was literally the 13th hour of my 14 hour shift (a shift I totally volunteered for in order to have a extra day off). This is a pretty big fail for a paleo eater.

I just can’t figure out how to prep food on the weekends, when I also need to do training runs, family time, and sleep. I also despise grocery shopping, we really need a Trader Joe’s!

Any tips?




One response

2 08 2014

I have the same issue. My best solution is either to do some food prep throughout the week have have meals ready to make on the weekend or make it the only option. The weekends are not times to experiment on the meals I make. Weekends are tried and true recipes. Also, it helps that I grocery shop on Monday so by the weekend, we don’t have any junk food around.

Eating well is always a growth and learning process. Don’t give up!

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