Marathon Training Recovery

22 07 2014

Recovering after a long training run is hard, there is not much time to rest and let the muscles rebuild/repair. During training there is a lot of fatigue, soreness, and not much rest! The accumulative fatigue is actually helpful for training. Google “accumulated fatigue running” and you will find articles discussing this!

Even though it is good to go into a run a little tired, it’s still best to help your body heal as much as possible.

1. Refuel -Everything I’ve read says to refuel with in 30-45 minutes. For me, this is nearly impossible. I can sometimes get a little fruit in my tummy, but anything else makes me nauseas. Once my stomach settles, I eat a big breakfast. Eggs and sausage have been my go to the past few weeks.

2-Hydrate-it’s hard to drink enough during a run to replenish everything you are losing. I run with water/Gatorade mix, but the bottle is only ~16oz, and I don’t like it completely filled. I’m incredibly thirsty the day I run, there’s not enough fluids to keep me happy. I drink water and Gatorade ALL.DAY.LONG.

3-StretchI aim to finish my run about 1/4+ miles away from home/car. That way I can walk and cool down. I stretch my calves, hamstrings, and quads. Nothing major, just a little stretch after miles of using those muscles. I stretch later in the day as well. I honestly don’t foam roll the day of. It’s just too painful!

4-Compressionsocks, sleeves, tights, whatever you got, wear it. It feels good and really helps!

5-Epsom salt
I really don’t know how or why Epsom salt works, but it does! I like getting scented kinds because it’s more relaxing.

Training Log (7/14-7/20)
Tuesday-3.5 miles
Friday-3.0 miles
Saturday-13.1 miles

20140722-111407-40447551.jpgmy fastest half by 1 second! And it was HILLY.



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