Training recap

16 07 2014

I’m in a weird place with training. Since I don’t like to run long on the weekends I work, and I have Dumbos Double Dare in about 1 1/2 months, I’m pretty ahead in marathon training. I’m still working on what other fall races I will run.

I had a decent week.
Tuesday-3.1 miles
Saturday-2 miles
Sunday-10 miles (ran somewhere kinda different, it was nice to have new scenery. Gu at 4.25 and 7.5. I carried a bottle of Gatorade/water, stopped at 3 water fountains, one wax GROSS)

So I’ve been slacking in my second short run each week. I needed to run Thursday, this summer had been throwing off all kinds if things: sleeping in, both kids home, I just want to swim! I know I need a 2nd “short” run and it needs to be a little longer, but I’m really struggling to find time. I don’t like waking up early to run, but I might need to start.

I’m keeping up with my physical therapy exercises and core work. It really has made a difference! I like the 2 new Pilates classes I’ve been taking because they focus on areas I need to strengthen and there’s a lot of stretching. I’m worried about getting hurt, so I’m trying everything I can to prevent it. Including multi vitamins, calcium and vitamin D (since I’m low).

I (freaking) LOVE summer, but dang, it’s HOT! (The bathrooms were broken so there were porta potties…)




One response

17 07 2014

I don’t think you should stress about another short run, I ran 3 days a week when training for all my races- short run, long run, and tempo/speed run. You’re getting other exercise in which will be great for injury prevention. Just enjoy it 🙂

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