Galloway Monday: increasing millage

7 07 2014

Powered by Bling, and Pretty ‘lil Mudder and I are talking about increasing millage…SAFELY!

I’ve scheduled my races pretty close together, so once I got up to 13.1, I’ve just kinda maintained. I drop down for a few weeks then pick it back up.

The standard rule of thumb in to increase by no more than 10% each week. I’m not sure I like that method. It means pretty small increases in the beginning. 10% of 5 miles is only 1/2 a mile. To train for my first half marathon I increased my long run by 1 mile each week (for most weeks). I don’t like this method either. It means constantly running longer and longer.

In order to increase my milage for the marathon and take into account that I work every third weekend, I increase for 2 weeks, then take a little break. So the past few weeks long runs have looked like this:

5 miles
7 miles
9 miles

The next few weeks:

10 miles
12 miles
5 miles
13 miles
14 miles
5 miles
RACE 13.1


Then I’ll start increasing more for the marathon. I’ve been increasing by 2 miles, but only because I’m not too far out from a 25k race, so I’m not starting from scratch. As I go beyond 14 miles, I will probably just increase by 1 or 1.5 miles. I don’t want to push to hard.

I like my “rest week” it gives my body time to recover. I do run a few times during the week as well as cross-train.



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