Galloway Monday

30 06 2014

Today we are looking at Galloway vs other training methods. I have to admit that I do follow a lot of Jeff Galloway’s method, I’m not a purist…I mix a few other things into my training. Like most things, it’s not one ways fits all!

I like scheduled walk breaks with the Galloway method, although I often switch my walk breaks up, gotta keep it interesting!

I like running all of my shorter distances or using shorter runs to do speed work. I like the 2 shorter runs from Run Less Run Faster-increasing the lactic acid threshold and VO2 max. While the Galloway method doesn’t say not to do speed work, it’s not really stressed.

There are some days when you just want to RUN. No breaks, no intervals, just steady pace all the way. Once again the Galloway method doesn’t say you can’t do this, but the method is focused on walk/run intervals.

I think there are so many training methods out there, and you should do what feels best. One day that might be different than the days before. Which training method is best for you depends on how experienced you are, how much you want to run each week, how long you want to train, etc, etc, etc.

Galloway marathon training schedules run much further than other schedules. 20 or 22 miles is the longest for most. I’m still torn as to how far my longest will be.

This weeks runs:
Wednesday: 3 miles 29:12
Saturday: 2 miles 19:01
Sunday: 9 miles 1:36:40

Powered by Bling, and Pretty ‘lil Mudder are comparing the Galloway method too!



One response

1 07 2014

I agree that Galloway tends to have longer runs in his schedule. I’m torn about this as well. That’s one of the reasons I prefer Hal Higdons mileage suggestions. For my ten miler he has my longest run at 8.5 miles. I feel like I will be more than prepared using this for my distance!

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