Food or Fuel

27 06 2014

I look at food so much differently than I used to. I don’t really know the exact moment the change happened, but I’m more focused on how I can fuel my body not just eat. I also know how specific foods make me feel.

-gluten will make me bloated and give me a HEADACHE
-a beer (or two) the night before a long run will put me to sleep, and the run will go pretty well
-I need a small breakfast, and mid morning snack, a GOOD sized lunch and dinner. I can go without a mid day snack if I don’t workout or it’s not the day after a long run
-I need lots of fluids. I often can’t stay on top of thirst, and electrolytes are so important

Food/Fuel is so important. I’ve got to give my body what it needs, because I keep pushing a little more! I’m getting really excited for pushing my distance, I know it’s going to be tough, but I know it will also be fun 🙂




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