Come on get HAPPY

25 06 2014

Have you heard of the app Happify? It has games and activities to train your brain to be HAPPY! Sounds fun, right? It has scientific backing, that you can be happier, just by using the app and doing the activities.

I think we are want to be happy, but sometimes we get stuck in a rut, or things are not going our way. Try HAPPIFY, it’s free! I have do many reasons to be happy, and I want to focus on the positive. People want to be around other happy people. Don’t ask “what’s wrong”, ask “What’s right” “What is great about today”!

I learned about Happify, from I’m Fit Possible. And clicking my Happify link would be cool for me! Feel free to find the app on the App Store yourself, I just want you to check it out. I’ve enjoyed using it.



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