Back to paleo

24 06 2014

In November I started eating paleo, I was really strict for a while…then I started to be more or more lax…then I was eating pizza and wings, feeling like poo, and having killer headaches. I never had recurring headaches before “going paleo” but now I notice gluten giving me a headache, and back on board, and for a good reason.

I struggled in the beginning with EASY and FAST paleo meals. I don’t have time to make a complex meal ever. Which is why I fell off the bandwagon.
I do eat dairy (mainly yogurt) so I have that as a meal option. I need breakfast food at breakfast. I can’t eat a salad at 7am! I am also ok with corn and beans in moderation, so hummus is an awesome lunch!

meal ideas
Eggs (bacon or sausage)
Or Larabar and fruit
Or yogurt and fruit
Nuts, berries/fruit, coconut milk

Apple with nut butter
Or Yogurt
Or Nuts
Corn chips and salsa
Hummus and veggies

Lettuce wrap

This is the EASIST paleo meal for me. Meat, veggies, maybe a sweet potato.




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