Galloway Monday-nutrition and fuel

23 06 2014

Running nutrition is pretty important! I’m a little ritualistic about pre-run/race nutrition, but during my run I’m still tweeking my nutrition.

I usually run in the morning (especially now that summer is here. Before I run I eat a Larabar.

Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte is my FAVORITE!!!! But I’ll eat pretty much any of them. If it’s a short run, a Lara bar is enough, longer runs I also have a banana or applesauce. I have a cup of coffee as well, coconut milk creamer is good for running-dairy and running can get ugly. Race days often involve a little more food, no dairy or gluten though!

During my run I drink water, and sometimes I set up a Gatorade stop at the house. I tried out a new water bottle, and I liked it. My bottle looks like this:

I carried my phone and nutrition in the pouch. I’m not sure it was a great idea, I had to be careful getting my chews out.

I like Gatorade chews, cliff bar chews, and salted caramel gu. Those are my go to nutrition choices. I take something every 4 miles, during a race I try to time it with water stops, so it’s not always exact, also I take something at mile 11, not 12. It’s my pick me up for the end (in a half).

Long run this week was 7 miles. The first 4 miles-I ran 1 mile walked 1 minute. The last 3 miles I did a 4:1 ratio. Same pace for both! 7 miles in 1:14 is decent.

This really isn’t new news on me, but check out Powered by Bling, and Pretty ‘lil Mudder for other nutrition ideas.




3 responses

23 06 2014

I have that Nathan bottle in pink – love it! I’m a huge fan if Lara bars too for their unprocessed nutrition. Have you tried their new ReNola? It’s a perfect snack to grab a handful and go! If you do yogurt, it would be great on some plain Greek with blueberries!!

23 06 2014

I’m going to check it out!

23 06 2014

I like Larabars and Gu! I’m kind of obsessed with the chocolate flavor of Gu right now. And I use things like Nunn hydration and stuff. I was writing my post at 5 am this morning so I guess I was too tired to include that stuff lol.

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