Galloway Monday-Mental training

9 06 2014


This week we are focusing on the mental aspect of training. Long runs can be challenging physically and mentally. I found intervals to help me in the mental game. I can count down how many runs and walks I have.

Once you realize your body is PHYSICALLY capable of doing what you are asking, it really comes down to telling your brain that it is POSSIBLE to take another step. I play a lot of games with myself.
-On the treadmill, I can’t look at the screen for a certain number of songs. Watching the time and distance slowly go up can be discouraging, so if you wait you feel like you’ve accomplished so much!
-When I’m running outside, especially around the neighborhood, I switch my route up , I go down different roads, or just reverse my direction. If I’m thinking about something other than how long it’s been, it is much more enjoyable and seems to take less time.

I have a few different music options as well:
-My spotify playlist is pretty GREAT-running playlist
-I have a similar playlist on my phone, but it’s not quite as good-my music library is not awesome-but if I’m having trouble getting good service it works!
-the “Boom boom pow” (black eyed peas) station on pandora is good. I’ve used that station so much, I’m kinda sick of it, but not totally!!!!
Music helps me pump up for a race as well. An upbeat song gets me in the mood!

As I’m increasing my distance, to a while new level, keep my mind away from discouraging thoughts is really important. I have lots of mantras, and my latest piece of advice (from my 6 year old) is:

Run as fast as you can, for as long as you can.

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5 responses

9 06 2014

I noticed if I look just ahead on the path instead of looking further ahead, it helps me get more outta my head too! Such a challenge to train your mind, I’m constantly working on it! 😊

9 06 2014

You would think the mental part would be easier since you choose to run…buts it’s a killer!

9 06 2014

I know right?! Such a challenge!

10 06 2014

I agree running on the treadmill feels like it takes forever! And I love the quote at the top lol!

10 06 2014

I’ve used your six year old’s mantra with my run club a billion times–they joke that I should get it tattooed across my back. lol

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