Yoga + Creativity #imfitpossible

30 05 2014

***through my affiliation with I’m Fit Possible I received the book for free, the opinions are my own***


So, like I said before, I had the opportunity to read this awesome book about yoga and creativity. It is available at Yoga and Creativity.

The book has pictures of the poses, activities to get your creative juices flowing, and a very uplifting feel. I really enjoyed reading the book and working through the creative process with yoga. While I’ve never met the author, Lacey, she writes in such a conversational way, I feel as though I’ve taken several classes from her!

I have lots of screen shots from the book saved on my phone, so I can remember what I’ve learned. There are awesome mantras that are not only good for your practice but for life. (Ps-screen shots from books are the new dog eared pages!)

I didn’t do the book justice with my review, it’s not your typical book about yoga, or creativity-it really is a guide to follow!




One response

31 05 2014
Mary Long

I felt the same way about Lacey! It doesn’t feel like an instructional manual at all.

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