3 day to 100k-Sundays 25k recap

19 05 2014

This weekend a 3-day stages race was held in Oklahoma. Friday night was a 25k (paved running trail) Saturday 50k (trail) and Sunday 25k (trail). You could participate in 1, 2 or 3 days of the event.

25K was a big enough challenge for me! I originally registered to run Friday night, on the paved running trail. I figured the distance would be a challenge, but at least it would be paved….however, due to a work event, I changed to Sunday. Morgan ran the race to, and he was not looking forward to the trail.

This was a very small race, less than 100 people! No expo, no corrals, no timing chip-just runners outside on a fabulous May weekend.

Sundays portion was held at Walnut Creek State Park, which is at Lake a Keystone. It was about an hour from home, which made eating before difficult for me. I ate a Lara bar (and coffee) when I got up, and brought another bar and applesauce with me. It worked well!

The course was a bit short, 14 miles, 2 7 mile loops, which were run forward and back-in the woods. Trail running is FUN! I had to much to look at, like where I was stepping, what branch was going to hit me in the head, wild flowers, a lake, cows, I missed the deers-the were 7 crossing the trail! Since I’ve never run a trail race, I can’t compare it to anything.

There were 2 fully stocked aid stations, which you hit out and back. Gatorade, and water and all kinda of snacks! I don’t normally eat check mix on a run, but I thought it sounded good.

I saw Morgan after he turned around, he was in second place when we passed each other. It was fun to see him and talk for a second. He was enjoying the race, which made me happy. I was enjoying the trails, but I wasn’t sure he was going to like it.

I was much slower than normal. My over all pace was 12 min/mile. I really had to watch my footing, and there were some steep climbs/descents. Not hills, but going into what would be a creek, if there was water.

I totally bit it at about mile 6. The was a root sticking up, it was marked, and I saw it, and I didn’t trip on it. I tripped on the flat ground, and I rolled! Luckily I was by myself, no one needed to see me do that. I wasn’t hurt, just a little dirty.

At mile 12, I rolled my ankle. It was bad. I heard something pop, could have been a stick, but I was in pain. I stood around for a few minutes, decided I was ok, and started walking. After about 5 minutes, I felt better, so I ran again. My legs were pretty wobbly by then, so I would run as fast and as far as I could, then walk for a little bit. I was surprised that my ankle felt fine for the rest of the race.

I finished in 2 hours and 49 minutes (although I think it might be a few minutes long). This was the hardest race/run I’ve done. I really earned my medal, but I had a great time.



I had a little buddy run with me at the end!


The after race snacks were awesome-homemade Indian tacos. I had never had one before, I’ve wanted to try one for the longest time. It was so yummy, and I was really hungry. We stayed for a while after we had finished, watching other runners come in. It was a great atmosphere.

I’ve been icing my ankle, I think it’s a minor sprain. I’m going to take some time off running to let it heal.

No race recap is complete without a picture of food. We made Barnyard Burgers for dinner.

And a beer!





4 responses

19 05 2014

Well done even with falling and rolling your ankle, you rock! 🙂

19 05 2014

Thanks! I think falling is away to win your trail running badge of honor 🙂

19 05 2014
Sarah M.

I didn’t realize you were running this race! We looked at it but decided to pass since it was my bday weekend! Glad you didn’t get hurt when you fell. I tripped on a trail race once at mile 5 and it totally takes away your confidence. Great job! Love the medal!

19 05 2014

I don’t blame you for taking your bday weekend off! If was fun, I think I might do it again. Happy birthday!!!!

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