Major jitters

17 05 2014

Tomorrow morning is a super small (less than 100 people) race…but it’s the longest distance I have ever run. I have a a bad case of the jitters-stomach probs, anxiety, randomly packing up changes of clothing for the entire family. All of that on top of an annoying case of phlegm.

I’m excited for the race, it’s at a state park, it runs by a lake, it’s might be part trail. I’m going to enjoy the scenery, and not focus on time.

So, here goes a 25k, 15.5 miles, 5-5ks!




2 responses

18 05 2014

How did the race go? Will you make a post about it?

18 05 2014

It went well! I will post all about it, hopefully tomorrow 🙂

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