Virtual Races: Jost Running

16 05 2014

I was contacted by to run some of their virtual races, and blog about my experience

What is a virtual race?
It’s a race you run when you want, and where you want. When you are finished you submit your time. It’s simple! Friendly completion with yourself from month to month or with other participants each month!

Jost running offers 4 virtual races each month: 5K, 10k, half marathon, full marathon. Every months races are fundraiser a for different charities. So not only are running, you are supporting a very worthy organization.

Oh yeah…and the bling!

20140514-203128.jpg(image from
The 5K and 10K share a medal, and the half and full share a medal. They are very nice medals…they make me want to run!

I decided to run the 5k in May. I Picked last Wednesday morning to race. I had my bib, loaded Ella is the stroller and took off.

The theme of May is Brave new route, but the stroller limits me on trying a totally new route.

30:33 is defiantly a PR with the stroller! Pushing that thing is tough!

20140514-203856.jpgpost race selfie!

Since they were nice enough to send me both medals, I need to EARN both medals. Jost Running wants people to move-you don’t have to run, you can swim, bike, walk-Just get out there!! I’m not sure I can fit another 13.1 mile run in this month, so I may earn my half/full marathon medal a little unconventionally!

If you are interested in running a virtual race, go to and check out the June races and medals! I think I shoot for running the 10K and maybe another unconventional half/full. I’m going to taper down a little bit….gearing up for marathon training!




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