14 05 2014

Through my affiliation with #SweatPink, I received a free box of Vega Sport Gel to try and review. The opinions are all my own.

Finding a good fuel to use on long runs and races has been a struggle. I’d love a very natural product, that gives me energy, doesn’t upset my stomach, and tastes good. I picked the Vega Sports Gel to see if it fit my need list!

My Sports Gel was raspberry flavor. The ingredient list met my first criteria of very natural! The number 1 ingredient is dates!! Other ingredients include water, electrolytes, coconut oil and fruit flavors.

I tried a Sport Gel in between a 3 mile run and a barbell strength class. It worked well to get me through the class. I had energy to push myself a little harder, especially towards the end of class, when I’m usually dying.



I had no tummy troubles with the gel. It tastes pretty good, it’s not a fake or over powering raspberry.

This really is a honest review, so here is my honest negative review section: The texture was odd I can’t really describe it, kind a gritty and pasty. I’m not one to have many texture issues, so I don’t feel like this is just because I’m a weirdo. I don’t know if it was the dates? I eat products with dates all the time.

If you are looking for a plant based, natural fuel, this might be what you are looking for.




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15 05 2014
Mary Long

I nominated you for a Liebster! Check out my latest post.

19 05 2014


15 05 2014

I was tossed to choose the gel or recovery shake to review. I chose the recovery shake. I think I will pick up some of the Vega gels just because I do enjoy their products and I do enjoy dates…I didn;t know it was dates! Such a great fuel source

19 05 2014

I really wish I had enjoyed the gel better or had pick a different product. I really like the idea of all natural products.

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