31 things

5 05 2014

I turned 31 on May 4th. Ahhhhh

1. I did not run 83 miles by my birthday. I’m still 2.8 miles shy. I’d say recovery from okc and a sinus infection are the reasons…but I had 2 months. I’ll get those miles in 🙂

2. I LOVE coffee. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but one of my birthday presents was coffee (delivered at 7am, by my dad-the real present was having coffee with him!)

3. An apply a day might really keep the doctor away. Apples are practically a cure all. Stomach ache-apple, hungry-apple, cold-apple, don’t know what you want-apple

4. I am a poor proof reader, take my blog for example…

5. Hearing bad grammar makes my skin crawl

6. I can’t sleep without putting lotion on my feet

7. I swear I can tell if I’m dehydrated by my back-my kidneys talk to me

8. I want a beautiful garden, but I’m not very good at gardening

9. I can’t wear a race shirt from one race at a different race.

10. I don’t really like fans

11. I don’t mind having dirt under my nails, if it means I’ve been planting flowers!

12. I enjoy sleeping

13. I like drinking water with oranges and strawberries

14. I dislike pollen

15. I have very little patience-I’m working on this

16. I can’t just read one book at a time

17. I love cooking, but I hate going to the grocery store and meal planning.

18. I think about race day outfits for weeks, I grab whatever is in reach for work

19. I like my job…even though it’s stressful, hectic, people aren’t always nice and the phone rings non stop

20. I like to play “devils advocate” just because there is ALWAYS another side to the story

21. I’ve grown up so much in the past 10 years. While I loved being young, and free and crazy, being old, wise, and responsible is a lot better!

22. I’ve tried to be an organized person for years…it’s not happening

23. My nails grow crazy fast and are very thick.

24. My husband can’t keep up with what races I’m doing when. I don’t think it’s that complicated

25. I really want to go somewhere tropical NOW!

26. I over analyze things

27. I like to talk things out…like my schedule for the day/week/month. Ella is an excellent listener for this

28. I sometimes stay up late looking at the humor board on Pinterest. This is not a good use of my time

29. It is driving me nuts that I’m not putting periods in these sentences/statements

30. I love to eat, I don’t have a FAVORITE food, but I do not like Lima beans or Brussels sprouts


31. I wish I was a professional traveler. I want to see the world!

There we go, 31 things for 31 years.

Stay tuned I have a lot coming up:
Jost Runningreview
-Yoga book review
-A Giveaway
-25K is almost here




One response

7 05 2014
Sarah M.

1. I can tell when I’m dehydrated too by my kidney hurting. I swear!
2. Apparently I’m a terrible proof reader too. I will read my post 3-4 times before I hit submit and as soon as it’s live, i’ll find a typo. I swear my blog changes words on me because it hates me. 🙂
Happy Birthday!

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