Runnin’ and runnin’ #BESTFOOT

28 04 2014


My plans to run a marathon keep getting foiled. My latest and greatest idea was a trip to Vegas for the Rock n’ Roll marathon Las Vegas…..but the course time limit is 5 hours. I think that is cutting it too close, I’m hoping to run right under a 5 hour race, but stuff happens.

I’m still looking for a race. Fall, nice weather (not freezing, not super hot), relatively close to home (not that Vegas was close), fun race!

Any ideas?


6 mile run

REST (stretching, PT exercises, short walks)

13.1 miles OKC Memorial Half Marathon (2:19:11)

I took it pretty easy last week. I have another race in 3 weeks, so I don’t have much recovery time, but this week will probably look pretty similar to last. I need to give my body some time to recover! I still have Dumbo in August, a marathon and probably Rt 66 Half this year, so I’m trying to stay injury free!




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28 04 2014
Krysten @darwinianfail

If possible I would look for a Marathon that has an open division (perferably one that also includes walkers) then you will have a really time cushion. And no cut-offs. You can do it!

30 04 2014

I like the 6 hour cut off, it makes me feel more comfortable.

28 04 2014
Amanda - RunToTheFinish

Where is home for you?? Super fun if you ended up at the one I’m doing with Jodi for her first marathon, I’d bet we’ll be around 5 hours.

28 04 2014

I’m in Oklahoma, what race are you guys doing??

28 04 2014

I signed up for the Richmond marathon! It will be my first!

30 04 2014

It looks really pretty!! Good luck

29 04 2014
Lara @ Uptite Mamas

I want to do that Rock n Roll Las Vegas too! I have no idea what my time would be though since I haven’t even run a half yet (Coming this Memorial Day Weekend). I would like to know if you do decide to do that marathon!! Good luck #bestfoot

30 04 2014

Good luck on your half! I think I’ve ruled Vegas out 😦 I don’t want to train, travel, the not finish!

29 04 2014
Sarah M.

Kansas City Marathon looks cool! It’s in October and close to home. We saw the medal at the Route 66 expo and it’s pretty cool!

30 04 2014

My dad thinks the course is ok, I’ve read it’s a difficult course. KC is one of my favorite cities, but it is HILLY! It’s on the list 🙂

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