Oh, hey there IT band, I thought I’d lost you! #BESTFOOT

21 04 2014

Wanna know something CRAZY, I still have an IT band. I hadn’t heard anything from it lately, I thought it left. Turns out, I.WAS.WRONG. (That might be a little dramatic)

I got some new shoes, apparently I don’t like them. My last few runs have been sub-par. My legs have felt achy, I thought I was getting shin splints, my feet have been hurting, and my IT band is starting to twinge. It’s not a full on “OH MY, my whole leg feels like it’s going to fall off” more like, “Hey, I’m here, you’ve been neglecting me.”

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been doing everything I should be doing. And I fixed that. I’m adding my PT a exercises back in, more stretching, foam rolling, got a different pair of shoes. It looks like the random pair of shoes I stumbled upon and feel in love with…are discontinued. I found a pair online on sale…but what do I always LOVE the shoe that gets discontinued?

3.5 mile run
Hot vinyasa yoga

Physical Therapy exercises

1.8 mile walk
Barbell Strength

20 minute bike


Cleaned for birthday party

7 minute workout
PT exercises




6 responses

21 04 2014

Hello! Just stopping by from the #bestfoot link-up 🙂 I think a universal runner complaint is that their tried and true shoe has been discontinued at one point…it’s so frustrating!!! But good job on adding PT exercises back in…your body will thank you!!! Have a great day!

21 04 2014
Janelle @ Run With No Regrets

Oh that’s terrible that you’re experiencing new pain! New shoes are such a struggle to find the right pair…hope you feel better soon!

22 04 2014
Amanda - RunToTheFinish

Eww I don’t play with ITB anymore, I do exercises pretty much every day. Hope yours feels better quick!

30 04 2014

Thankfully I had no issues 🙂

22 04 2014

Feel better!!

30 04 2014

The IT band wasn’t an issue.

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