I’m kinda a Pro-Race Week Tips

20 04 2014


So, it’s race week for my 3rd half marathon-WHOA! I think I’m now “pro” status. I should be writing books on how to do this half marathon thing, but I’ll stick with the blog for now!

I have some race week rituals:
-drinking extra smoothies-it’s my version of lots of pasta carb loading
-I really focus on my diet, I don’t try out new food, and keep my meals healthy, balanced and full of nutrients. I like salads on race week, they are filling, but they don’t weigh me down. I might splurge a little too, it is race week after all!
-I wear compression socks and trying to sit as much as possible at work (which means never.)
-I make sure my toe nails are properly trimmed, and I give my feet extra massages! Happy feet are important!

-I foam roll and stretch. I will try to take a yoga class early in the week, but I won’t push it. I use it to relax and stretch.
-watch my caffeine intake. I something like to think that if one cup of coffee is good, then 75 cups must be amazing. Turns out that it’s not healthy! I get my beloved 1 cup in the morning…and THAT.IS.IT.
-since I won’t be drinking coffee from sun up to sun down, I guess I’ll drink lots of water and Gatorade. Everyone has there own opinion on which electrolyte replacement is the best. I really like Cool Blue Gatorade. *soap box time-it is very important to hydrate with more than just water. It is possible to drink too much water. Water is so very important for runners, but electrolyte imbalances can be very dangerous. Be smart, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!! End soap box*
-Sleep. No late nights reading, it’s early to bed all week!
-carefully do everything. Especially letting out the dog in the middle if the night. Don’t want a last minute injury.

-Lay out my clothes/make sure I have everything I could possibly need to race day.
-Relax. The race will happen, I will do my best, and I WILL have fun!

Any race week rituals?




One response

22 04 2014

Good luck! I like the smoothie ritual!

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