I read awesome blogs

17 04 2014

No, really, I learn so much from other bloggers… And then I forget who said what.

-Someone isn’t doing a plank challenge, just doing at least a 1 minute plank each day. No pressure to do a plank for 17 hrs at the end of the month, but enough pressure to do one a day (and it’s nearly swimsuit season, so why not!)

-Someone said something along the lines of “practicing a 10 minutes everyday is better than 1-70 minute practice a week” GENIUS! I’ve been doing a few yoga sequences each day. Nothing spectacular, but something to make me move!

-Someone (ok, a lot of someone’s) is(are) freaking hilarious. The way runners describe the race to the porta potty before a race always gets me laughing!

-A lot of someone’s are inspiring. I love reading about good runs, bad runs, PRs, DNRs…because no matter what happened, you did something-and YOU ARE AWESOME!

-I learn about all these super cool races that I want to do!

-Then I saw this in Pinterest

That is all.



3 responses

17 04 2014

OMG!!!! Eyebrow gap hahahaha. Screw the thigh gap! I just laughed out loud lol

17 04 2014

It’s the truth!!!

17 04 2014

Yes it is! 🙂

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