This, that, and the other

14 04 2014


I got a wild hair up my nose, and registered for a 25K. I had to double check my math with my dad (no, I’m not joking. Yes, I am pretty good at math…my math skills save lives. No, I’m still not joking), it’s a 15.5 miles race. Just 2.4 miles longer than I have ever run, in my whole life!

The race is along the HILLIEST section of our trails…the hills are so nasty. Soooo of course I decided to run those hills the other day. It was a hard run, but the weather was beautiful! I ran 20K or 12.4 miles.

I was really happy with my run, even though I needed to walk up a few hills! I didn’t see too many people out, but it was a Wednesday morning. I did make friends with this guy, I named him Bill.

I ran with compression calf sleeves, thinking it would help on the hills. I was WRONG. I sat down at mile 10 and took them off. Compression is recovery for me, not training or racing. I love wearing my ProCompression socks after running, especially if I have to work. I also like lounging in bed with my compression socks.


I’ve totally convinced myself to run a marathon. And I really want to be part of the Saucony 26 Strong program. I don’t know of anyway to increase my chances of getting picked. I’m hoping Amanda (Run to the finish) picks me to be her cadet!

Her criteria (some is dictated by Saucony)
— Must be your first, not your first in 5 years, first ever. check
— Must be female, sorry gents that’s not my rule. check
— Must be up for doing a marathon by Fall.sure
–Must be US based. check
— Must be totally awesome and ready to have some fun.ummm, Duh!
I’m totally the perfect fit! I don’t want to get my hopes up, she has a lot of people signed up. But one can dream!

I’m still stressing about the weather for OKC. Today is a perfect example of wacky Oklahoma weather. It was 80 last week, today it snowed. GROSS. I’m really sick of the treadmill, but I also refuse to freeze.

My eating has been awful. Tons of sweets, bread, totally unhealthy. I’m paying for it all, but it’s time to buckle down-I need to eat well. It’s not about weight, it’s about feeling good. I lucked out this week at work, and I plan on taking advantage of an extra day off to cook a wonderful, healthy, delicious meal!

I’ve been struggling with bad snacking at work (cool ranch Durritos!)
What is your favorite healthy snack?




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