Information overload

4 04 2014

I am a nut for info. I something research things for no reason. I walked into physical therapy with tons of questions, and theories.

I’ve read a lot about the Galloway run-walk method. I even tried it to help get my mind off running. It makes sense, and I was much less sore after that run.

I’ve started reading Runner’s World: Run Less, Run Faster, and I’ve been researching the idea behind the book. It also makes sense.

I’ve read Born to Run, I’m a big believer in less is more when it comes to shoes! I have run in vibrams, but I prefer a neutral shoe with some cushioning. I also search to find Parker minimalist running shoes, he was in New Balance Minimus, and just got a pair of Nike Frees. I don’t see a need to train his body to run in stability shoes.

I’m pretty sure I can incorporate both ideas for training. There is so much information about running. So many ideas about the best way to train. I want to improve my time, I want to increase my distance. But I don’t want to get bored with running!

Any thoughts on ANY training method or school of thought? ;




2 responses

7 04 2014
Sarah M.

You could look into Hal Higdon’s method and also Bart Yasso. Bart Yasso is famous for Yasso 800’s which is a speed workout that helps runners improve on their times.

7 04 2014

More information!!! I’ve heard of both of them, and looked into their ideas in the past. I can do 400m repeats, but I’m not ready for the 800s 🙂

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