Guest Post: A day in the life

25 03 2014

It’s Guest Post Day. The I’m Fit Possible Community is having a blog Swap. I’m Fit Possible is a group of fitness minded, social media savvy, sassy people. We thought-ok, Laura Bridgman started the blog swap-it would be fun to swap blogs for a day!

Jill and I decided to do “A Day in the Life”. Just a sneak peak in the the exciting lives of two runners, who both take care so kiddos, and wear yoga pants-exciting stuff! If you want to see my day, check it out at Live, Love, Run.

Hi! I’m Jill and I blog over at Live, Love, Run. I live in Baltimore, MD and blog about running, life and everything in between! For our blog swap, Bethany and I decided to do a ‘Day in the Life’ post so you could get to know us better. So without further ado, I present to you, my average Wednesday. Enjoy!

8:00AM – Alarm goes off. I get up anywhere from 5AM-8AM during the week. It depends on my work schedule for the day, as my hours vary. Sometimes I start work as early as 7AM, sometimes as late as 10AM.

8:15AM – Lie in bed for 15 mins before getting up 🙂 Then spend the next hour catching up on emails, Facebook, blogs, making/eating breakfast, and getting dressed for work.
Breakfast today was an egg sandwich. I used to eat cereal more often in the morning but found I was usually starving an hour later, so lately I’ve been on an egg kick:


And my work wardrobe these days couldn’t be better. I get to wear yoga pants or tights to work every day! It’s quite the change from the business casual attire I used to wear at my old corporate job.


9:20AM – Out the door and off to work!

10:00AM – Arrive at work! I chat with the baby’s mom to see how things went the night before and what’s new. Sometimes he’s awake when I get there, sometimes he’s napping. We chart his activities throughout the day so I check the chart to see when he’s last eaten and when he fell asleep so I know what’s next.

The baby is 3 months old, so he eats every 3 hours and sleeps every 2. The day really flies by! In between feedings and naps, we have lots of play time. I entertain him with my non-Grammy worthy singing voice. My fave songs to sing to him are “You are my Sunshine”, “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. I also make silly faces and sounds because he always seems to laugh at my face when I do that?! Ha, SO cute! We read books, play with toys and he has independent play time on his tummy and mat.

1:00-2:00PM – Grab my first snack of the day, during nap time. Also take advantage of nap time to clean and make bottles. Today I did laundry as well since there was a little diaper accident 🙂
More playtime, lots more of Jill singing and making funny noises. I talk to him all day long. Even if babies don’t yet understand everything you’re saying, it’s so important to communicate with them as much as possible. They are definitely listening, and they need and crave the human interaction and absorb more than you think. Human contact (being held) is also really important for their development. It makes them feel safe, nurtured and love and they will not thrive without it!

3:00-4:00PM – Grab second snack of the day, when baby is napping. Here’s a random sampling of the snacks I packed today:

Feeding and more playtime when he wakes up from his last nap of the day. Then we wait for mommy or daddy to come home!! Sometimes he gets a bath before they come home in preparation for bedtime.

6:30PM – Baby’s dad arrives home so I say good night and head home!

7:15PM – Arrive home. Party with the cats for a few minutes, then get to my workout. I usually work out at the gym, however tonight I had some blogging to do and I knew commuting to the gym would add an extra 30 mins onto the night. So I decided to do this at-home circuit workout I found on Pinterest. I did the routine 4x through and it took almost 30 mins. My heart rate was really up by the end of it and I was sweating – I’d definitely recommend this one. I have a whole board of these types of workouts on Pinterest if you want to check them out (you can find me @Jillyruns).


7:45PM – Hop in the shower. Slather on 10 gallons of hair gel upon exiting. Gotta tame the mane somehow, know what I mean?!

8:15PM – DINNERTIME! Yippee! Tonight I had a giant spinach salad, a black bean veggie burger and my beloved Vanilla Chai Tea drink from Bolthouse Farms. I chowed down while watching this week’s episode of Girls on demand. Love me some Lena Dunham.


9:00PM – Blogging!! Tonight I’m writing this blog post, but this is also when I tap into my Bloglovin’ feed and read other blogs. I also enjoyed a splendid dessert this evening, which I brought from my favorite vegan bakery back home this weekend (Vegan Treats in Bethlehem, PA).

10:00PM – Catch up on other social media or watch some TV. Grab a cup of hot tea as well.

11:00-12:00PM – Bedtime!

And there you have it. A day in the life of your average 35 year old running blogging nanny 🙂

Thanks to Bethany for participating in the ImFitPossible blog swap with me!
I’d love to hear about a typical day in your life too! Please feel free to stop by my page, or any of my social media links!

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2 responses

25 03 2014
laura bridgman (@laurabridgman)

thanks for letting us in on your day – sounds busy but like a lot of fun. and yay for work in yoga pants!

25 03 2014

This concept is so cute! How fun to be a nanny, would love that job! Great post, stopping by from the Blog Swap!

see ADRIENNE run

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