Coffee Date

24 03 2014

Time to chat about anything, everything, or nothing at all!

-I just watched Frozen, and I can’t stop singing! It was a good movie (at one point, it was just Morgan and I watching). I’m glad I bought it and we can watch it again and again!

-Ella loves to have her nails painted-fingers and toes! Hot pink is her color

-last week was poppie. I worked a lot. I didn’t work out a lot. This makes for a cranky lady.

-Allergy season is here. I don’t like it. Zyrtec is drying me out, like all of me. It stinks. Nasonex is OTC, this is phenomenal.

-I tried Kombucha. I’m not sure how to describe it. I’m not sure I’ll drink it again.

-have you had a lettucewich from Which Wich? It is the best lettuce wrap sandwich! I had one on Saturday and Sunday-the turkey club and the Cuban.

-I finished the Fifty Shades series, now I don’t know what to read. I really like series. Any ideas?

-I used my lent cheat day this week.


-have you had a Moscow Mule? I have heard all about them, but haven’t had one. I’m not a big vodka drinker, but I’ll give it a try!





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