Barbell Strength

17 03 2014

I love group fitness. I really don’t know why, the instructors are sometimes WAY too excited about working out, someone always thinks they are the shit, and I can do it all on my own. But really I love going to classes at the gym. Yoga is a top priority, but I’ve been giving other classes a try too. My class schedule is so packed, I barely have time to run.

I used to take a class called Body Pump, Lifetime calls is Barbell Strength. Whatever the name, it’s a class focused on strength training. It’s a full body workout in one hour. All major muscles are targeted in the class. Each person can personalize the class be adding/removing weight.

I like the class for SEVERAL reasons.

1) I get very intimidated in the weight room. I know what I’m doing, I’ve been coached by a certified trainer for years, but I feel so silly. I’m not exceptionally strong. I struggle with a 10lbs dumb bell. There are guys flinging around 65lbs. I need to get over my fear!

2) It’s cross training!! I fell victim to “the runners curse.” I ran, and ran. I didn’t do anything else. This class gets me working muscles that aren’t used for running. And there are a lot of squats.

20140314-214917.jpgimage from cafe press

3) Good music. Not only is the music great and loud, but the movements are synchronized to the beat.

I am very sore for a few days after class, and I can only do this ass once a week. I’d like to build up to twice a week, and add some weight!




2 responses

18 03 2014
Sarah M.

I’ve been doing a boot camp at lunch here at work, and even though it’s only 30 minutes, the strength training has really helped my running!
Keep up the good work! It will get easier!

24 03 2014

It is totally helping my running. It’s crazy, all these running experts say strength training is needed for running…and they are right!

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