Coffee Date Sunday

16 03 2014

Time for more coffee date chat!

If we were having coffee, in a darling coffee shop, I’d tell you:

-I’m nearly finished with the “Fifty Shades” series (I know it’s a few years late!) I’m kinda embarrassed to admit how quickly I read the series. There were times I wanted to give Christian Grey a kick in the balls, and other times I thought he was cute. It’s a very spicy series…

-I haven’t finished the last two episodes of the forth season of Downton Abbey. I keep saying I’m going to watch, then I get busy doing something else.

-I love shopping for running/workout clothes, I keep buying more and more. Ahhhh, make me stop.

-I’m really excited for cotton skirt/dress season. I love the comfort of sundresses.

-I filled out an application to adopt a Weimaraner, I haven’t heard anything. We don’t have to say yes if one is available, but we probably will.

-I had an allergic reaction to something on Thursday. I woke up with a swollen face. Most of it went down, but my eyes were swollen and watery most of the day. My throat started to feel odd, and for a few minutes I had trouble taking a deep breath. It all resolved, I don’t know what caused it, and I’m lucky to work in a pharmacy with several Epipens, Aviqs, prednisone and Benadryl (although I didn’t need any of it!)

-there was an indoor tri at the gym this weekend, I wanted to do it, but don’t have a appropriate swimsuit. I ran 8 miles on a treadmill, very close to the run portion of the event. Each time a group was done with the 30 minute run, staff members cheered like CRAZY. I pretended they were cheering for me 🙂

-I’m kinda obsessed with the Mocha Madness smoothie at the gym. I might need an intervention.

-I haven’t been sleep exceptionally well. It’s annoying.

-I cooked dinner a few times this week! Major improvement from the past month, let hope I do even better this week.

What’s new with you?




2 responses

16 03 2014

I still haven’t read those books. I think once I became a mom, I cut movies out of my life. Then when I decided to take up running and boot camp, I cut the reading of books out. I wish it wasn’t this way, it’s just how my life is right now. I love reading blogs tho 🙂

24 03 2014

I read in my phone or iPad WAY too late at night

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