Coffee Date

7 03 2014


The #imfitpossible community is having a virtual coffee date. I love these posts, they feel relaxing. So grab your coffee and let’s go!

I *freaking* love coffee. Sometimes I wake up early just to have a cup. I limit myself to 2 cups a days (although a venti counts as one)! We have a Keurig and my favorite k-cup is Gloria Jeans Hazelnut. I do take a little cream and sugar in mine (in case you were planning on bringing me some).

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you:

-I’m so looking forward to Spring. Winter is my least favorite season, I HATE being cold. I love spring, summer and fall! I can’t wait for flowers to bloom, the trees to bud, the grass to turn green, to run outside in a skirt and tank!

-My obsession with vampire shows is borderline unhealthy. Why do I get sucked (pardon the pun) in? What is it about vampires that is so appealing? They make great shows to watch on the treadmill! I’ve been a True Blood fan from the beginning, I love Vampire Diaries, and The Originals is great!

-I gave up chocolate for lent. I buy a dark chocolate bar and intend to, then the whole thing is gone! Working in a pharmacy makes the “no chocolate” thing hard, I am surrounded by Easter candy!

-I am having a really hard time cooking right now. I don’t have the energy to grocery shop, or meal plan, but I want a home cooked meal every night. It is hard to eat out, eat healthy, and eat budget friendly all the time.

-I really love Cara Cara oranges, I bought a big bag at a Whole a Foods other day. I eat one everyday, it’ my healthy treat, but they are a booger to peel.

-We had a crazy emergency at work (everyone is fine). I’m glad I wasn’t there, I fear I would have panicked and made things worse. I need to work on my poker face.

-I met the author of a blog I read at work. I felt like such a creeper saying, “hey, I read your blog” but it was cool to see her, and put a real live person with the blog.

-it’s time to plan a second birthday, but I’m in denial. I’m thinking Little Mermaid swim party. Just a small get together! I can’t believe she is almost 2!

-I’m also thinking of having a girls night at my house, but that would require cleaning….

I’m out of coffee, see you next time!

How do you take your coffee?




3 responses

9 03 2014
Urban Running Girl

Yep, if there’s one thing I cannot give up, it would be my coffee. I love everything about it from the smell, to the taste. Generally speaking, I’m a hot coffee, double cream, no sugar kinda gal. In the hot summer days though, I do enjoy a nice cold coffee on ice!

9 03 2014

I’m trying to cut down on the sugar! Iced coffee is do nice on a warm day

9 03 2014

I have to admit, I blogged my coffee date without coffee. I recently gave it up due to the fact I put too much cream and sugar in it and that’s just no good, lol. I’ll be saving it for a now and then treat. I do agree, the Gloria Jean Hazelnut is yum!

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