No rest for the runners

27 02 2014

Less than 2 months until my 3rd half marathon. It’s crazy to think I registered for the Princess Half as a bucket list item, and now I’m totally hooked…don’t get me started on my “to-run” list. AND runDisney just announced a new race.

I’m going to take the rest of the week off, then get back to running/training when I get back home. I’m getting plenty of walking in at Disney! I think I’ll bring my millage back down, then work my way back up for the race in April (then it’s time to start thinking about Dumbo).

I need to add more cross training, but at least I don’t need PT after this race! I was pain free for all 13.1 miles, and felt great after, my recovery was super quick as well. I credit my pain free-ness to physical therapy. I’m going to keep up my hip strengthening exercises and stretches. Yoga has been great, and I think I’ll add a body pump type class in once a week. Fitting all this into an already busy calendar is going to be tough, but worth it. There’s more to running them just running, it takes your whole body to run, and I felt it after the race, my obliques were sore.

I’d like to run a 2:15 half marathon, it totally possible, especially if I don’t stop for pictures! I’m going to keep doing speed work on short runs, and work on being consistent for my long runs.

Now I’m going to work on my workout schedule for the first week of MARCH!



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