It’s taper time

13 02 2014

The Disney Princess Half Marathon is 10 days away! Therefor it’s time to rest/taper. It seems that a lot of runners hate to taper before a race.20140212-215139.jpg20140212-215148.jpg20140212-215154.jpg
I found all of those in Pinterest!

So, why do we hate the taper?
-We use running as stress reliever
-We use running for “me” time
-We are afraid we will gain weight (I read this somewhere, I’m not buying this)
-Our legs feel restless
-We miss outside
-we have REALLY cute running clothes
-we don’t sleep as we’ll without running
-exercise releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy! (Please don’t shoot anyone during your taper)


We need the taper. You want fresh, fully recovered legs on race day. Tapering and carb loading go together well.

I’m using my taper to take care of aches and pains (got a massage yesterday!), load up on healthy foods (lots of smoothies to up my carbs), stretch, foam roll and do yoga! I’ll probably squeeze in one more short run before we leave, just to remind my body that I do RUN. I’ll get plenty of walking at the park to keep my legs moving.

Tapering doesn’t me NO running, but runs should be shorter, and no speed work. Just steady pace, relaxed running. You don’t want to injure yourself with in dats of the race!

So, princesses….




7 responses

13 02 2014

I have major side effects from not running. It is bad enough from injury, but tapering is a discipline all its own.

13 02 2014

It’s very much a mental game!

13 02 2014

Enjoy your taper and good luck!

14 02 2014

Thank you!

14 02 2014
Sarah M.

I have a love/hate relationship with the taper! I look forward to it because it is good for my body to rest and recover from the pounding that all those miles have put on it. However, I am unfortunately one of those runners who gains weight very quickly. So two weeks of taper could result in an additional 5lbs+ on race day for me. (I have PCOS) And carb loading is my worst nightmare!
Good luck on your half! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

14 02 2014

5 pounds can really affect you, but it I’d nice to take a short break from the pounding!

18 02 2014
Urban Running Girl

I’m ok with the taper during the a long training program. Ok, I’ll re phrase that…I’m ok with the taper as long as I have other things to do. 😉 I know my body, and when I taper prior for a race, I definitely have a good race. Well rested, and ready to take on the pavement.

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