Last long (ish) run

11 02 2014

The Jeff Galloway training plan from runDisney called for a 14 mike run on Saturday. I worked this weekend, and I have a “no running on working weekend” rule. It’s too tough on my legs. I kinda feel like 14 miles is over kill. A) I know I can run a half marathon B) I haven’t really taken a break since my last half C) a half marathon is only 13.1 miles.

After getting advice from other runners, I decided Monday night was ideal for my last long-ish run before my race. I ran 6.2 miles in 60:15 at the gym. I am pretty happy with that. I’m going to shoot for a couple more 3-4 mile runs between now and leaving for the race/VACATION in 9 days.

Morgan and I have never run together. Between child care and pace difference it’s practically impossible. Last night we ran side by side on the treadmill. He ran 8, I did 6.2, it was fun. Every time the child care call came on the loud speaker, we looked at each other…like is it us? Luckily we never got called!

Hopefully I can get a few yoga classes in this week, I also want to try a “barbell strength” class. Oh and a massage in Wednesday! Gotta spoil myself every now and again 🙂

I’m also happy to announce that I am now a “I’m fit possible” ambassador.

I'm Fit Possible

Do you have any big plans for this week?



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